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Saturday, July 13, 2013

Bukit ( hill ) Shahbandar ....

Brunei Darussalam is in Borneo island ,it is known for its pristine equatorial rainforests with its rich flora and fauna .
The capital city Bandar seri Begawan itself is a group of small cities with great swathes of green interludes there are trekking paths and hills in and around the city itself !
very close to where we stay in Jerudong adjacent to the Tutong muara highway is Bukit Shahbandar ,this is a veritable forest with seven hills in a semicircle and a popular trekking path for many .
The entry to the area is off the highway and is free ,one parks the vehicles and starts the trek .
for a long distance an excellent synthetic walkway ,open gym and a pressure walkway  and small picnic tables are laid out ,monkeys frisk around this place a lot .
Then the climb begins up  a reasonably steep path ,both sides of the trail there are huge trees and is thickly vegetated that one can see only the path winding up tortuously ,
by the end of this one would have had a couple of stops to gain breath and the top is a small mound with a view of the distant city ,
the trail goes on up and down full of roots and huge stones and a bit difficult , at times slippery too ,one could turn back by the shorter route and make a return .
 easier said than done for it is also long and difficult and there are steep climbs and steeper climb downs
For an unfit me the only pleasure was the stops and photo sessions
we saw insect catching flowers thorn filled trees shallow streams and thick forests on our way down strangely fauna was missing
,Borneo by itself has mostly smaller animals like monkeys squirrels many birds and they say a pygmy elephant one doesn't hear about tigers cheetah deer etc.
an exhausted me decided that enough was enough and from now  I would only trek on plain grounds or stick to my swimming to reduce my personal hill ( belly )
The post climb dinner at a Pakistani speciality restaurant was a sure reward we had this day .

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