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Friday, April 26, 2013

Apple Armageddons

The Apple wars are not always held  in the silicon valley
It has entered my house too
After all Apples are supposed to keep doctors away but my wife never realises this lurking danger and has embraced the apple with her dear  heart
Me Iam wary and stick to my tried and tested Korean love Samsung
having graduated from Galaxy SII which accompanied me to the lofty heights of the Himalayas and even fell with me on the rocky banks of River Yamuna protecting my chest with its smart screen breaking into smithereens but  worked perfectly taking excellent photographs and sharing them in FB though it broke my heart to see its broken face till the day I made it whole back in the UAE ,
haing passed on this priceless heirloom to my doting daughter I opted for a Samsung note II which to me was big and warm and has continued to be so .
wife was in love with the bitten apple symbol and went on to get an I Phone 5 ,good for her
we always had arguments over the screen size user friendliness and i tune downloading which unlike in Android cost dollars !
Recently when there was an issue on the i phone browsing an online troubleshooting forum I was surprised to learn about the number of people who dropped thier i phones into toilet bowls ( dont blame them ),invariably most of them switch it on and its epitaph gets written

the common advice was never to switch on a wet mobile but to remove its battery quickly wipe dry with a soft cloth and put the mobile in uncooked rice for three days ! and then switch it on praying for the best !!!! uncooked rice !!!!

And then just before we left UAE to Brunie wife  insisted  that  I buy an IMAC  laptop with retina display and even managed to convince me to sell off my poor old loyal HP creator of many of my blogposts
Well I Mac with all its sophistication was never meant for me
no wonder it never needed an  antivirus
which machine that needs a password every time you pause to think requires
 Nothing was like the good old days ,
Steve jobs  was not only clever and creative he made something so different from anything !

I was repeatedly told to learn the macs  nuances and there is nothing to beat its sophistication or speed or safety somehow i never could and am back  to my wifes  HP with she  willingly taking over the Mac
and seemingly mastering it
Thus the apple wars go on day in and day out
Well people do mourn Steve Jobs .........RIP

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