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Saturday, April 13, 2013


Mohanlal is one of the finest actors Indian cinema has produced .
when the combination of M.T.Vasudevan Nair the erudite writer and literary icon of malayalam and Hariharan the renowned Director create a film with this actor it has to be but memorable .
and it has been so for years now .
I saw Amritham Gamaya ages back and over the years many times but seeing it again in TV today it struck the same chords of angst which it did then .
The doctor with a guilt and how he lives with it and finally how he comes to term with it in his life is the gist of this wonderful story and powerful script of MT himself ,
Hariharans choice of characters to make this heart rending story into a visual epic is amazing ,
leaving alone Mohanlal who could   be the only choice for this role ,
 ,Babu nampothiri as a father living with the pain  of his dead son  , a poor  brahmin who does rites for the dead at  Tirunavaya Navamukunda temple  on the banks of river  Bharathpuzha
his turmoiled mind unceasingly questions whether his son is at peace and on the way he died and circumstances brings to him the very man who caused that death though unwittingly .
The emotion that rages in the faces of the two actors during that moment is unexplainable and the movie has to be seen  to know its depth .
the scene where Parvathi the young daughter cryptically asks her father what he would do if a man from a lower caste would ask for her hand in marriage he would answer like any father of his conservative upbringing that he would poke his eyes but then immediately he would say with tearful eyes but  would do nothing of that all he would think was  if his  beloved daughter could have a better life because of that  so be it he  would go ahead and bless them .
Mohanlal to the end is  single facing many odds while  he educates parvathi into a doctor an atonement he makes for taking the life of her brother who should have been one
Amritham gamaya is one movie I could see again and again 


Kannan said...

Dear Dr. Hari,

Thanks for reminding me about Amrutham Gamaya through your excellent post. The movie left Manju and me zapped when we watched it during our Muscat days on a VHS Tape wayback in 1986 or 87 I think. It is a superb movie where Mohanlal, Babu Namboodiri, Vineeth, the Late Ms. Sukumari everyone have done their best. It's a pity I missed it yesterday as I didn't know they were showing it on TV. I will definitely watch it on You-Tube once again.

Another Mohanlal starer that touched a chord in me is"Bharatam" where he supresses his grief on his brother's death and pretends the brother is alive so that his sister's marriage does not get cancelled. The myriad of emotions and histrionics Mohanlal shows on his face is a treat to watch. It dfinitely deserves an Oscar!! Pity that the standard of Malayalam cinema today has touched an abysmal low and dubbed Telugu movies are running to packed house!!

Dr Mathew Mohan said...

Dear Hari,

I fully agree with you.

It was a great movie.


Mohan Mathew

Gopal Nair said...

fully agree. wonderfully enacted role of a lifetime.

Gopal Nair said...

fully agree. wonderfully underplayed. touchingly natural.

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