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Friday, August 24, 2012

Mohabati Sulaimani Ustaad Hotel

Any act of creativity with soul  stands out from others
so does the malayalam film USTAAD HOTEL  .
such films raise the hope for the future of mollywood

There is a scene in the movie  where  the veteran actor Thilakan    hands over a glass of  tea  he made to his grandson Sulfikar the hero of the film ,who is awed by its taste and enquires about it .
 Thilakan replies that  it is so because it was  a  sulaimani full of  mohabbat .
 ( a tea laced with love ) .
 The film is really a sulaimani with loads of mohabbat .

Dulqar Salman  son of the superstar Mamooty ( a tigers son cannot be a cat ) is a Swiss educated chef who loves being one .
Director Anwar Rasheed had made a good choice in him fro the film .
Dulqars  father the multicrore Dubai based business man  Siddique has his ambitons on investing in a five star hotel to be run by his son in India not as a chef but as a CEO .
To Siddique  cooking had always been  a stigma having grown up under a father who owned a decriept hotel by the beach in Kozhikode ( Calicut )  and when he thought he had finally left those sordid memories behind he begets a son who wants to be another  cook !
His infuriation and his new found wife (having been a widower for many years ) drives his son to his grandfather .
Thilakan the quintisential Asan or master chef makes his grandson go through the works from being a cleaner boy to an errand boy and slowly making him work his way up to being the chef ,
he also gets his grandson  a job in the nearby five star hotel and slowly Dulqar comes to realise that even the Biriyani which the beach 5 star hotel is famous for comes from Ustaad hotel  sold at astronomical prices there and that the owners were eyeing the property planning to drive off the old man from the dream of his life .
Dulqar throws away his job and with the help of his lady love Nitya Menon and some friends does a makeover to the Ustaad hotel ,there are so many problems like interference by the food dept and the media encouraged by the enemies which is all overcome and finally Dulqar and his dad come to understand  of what is true in life is what  is what is done with sincerity but by the time they lose the man who taught them this by living it .
The aromatic Biriyanis made in Ustaad hotel reminded me  of the famous Kayikan Biriyanis of Mattancherry Cochin which is also  well known for its mohabat .
films message I feel  is mohabat wins .........always...... yes it does ,in anything
 remember that !


Ujwal Unni said...

good review. makes me want to see the movie. shall surely check it out

drsurkur said...

The Movie is a beautiful piece of art and harimohan has really caught up the core of the movie.Congrats Hari

Kannan said...

Hi Hari,

An excellent review. You have in fact underscored Thilakan's dialogue that his Sulaimaani Chai tastes divine because it is laced with Mohabbath is the crux of the movie. Wish we get more and more of such classics.


Maddy said...

still to see it
you forgot paragon biriyani and naushads biryani

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