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Friday, August 17, 2012

an Ode to Independence

for every being his country is the best
to that person its  always a bit above the rest
after all is  it not  ones own nest  ?
its thoughts would ever fill ones chest

India  to me is a blessed place
full of excuisite  beauty and grace
with  a long history and a hoary past
its lands are spread out far and  vast

it has its tall and snowy peaks
its forests are filled with firs and teaks
its deserts are full of blowing  sands
and its blue  seas embraces its green lands 

it has multihued  languages  cultures and colurs
its subjects are immersed in several labours
but it has a string tying it  all together
like an umblical cord  its mother

A land with many varied thoughts
where   many paths to God are sought
a land filled with many wise sages
going back to the ancient ages .

a country which had been ravaged
conqured over  time  raped and savaged
for centuries  its wealth plundered
but with a  soul that  never surrendered

many came to its shores with greed
robbing it and letting it bleed
ruling it and damning its subjects
filling it with poverty abject

it had overcome all this to get its freedom
and from many little and big kingdoms
it was born an united country proud
to those men and women who brought this  our heads are always  bowed

to those valiant soldiers gaurding our borders
waiting for the enemy marauders
all we can do is to  salute and bow deep
for remember  thier watch makes us reap .

But there are many   enemies within us
the cunning and the conning powermongers
who  are no different from our invaders
they loot and cheat and sell our country like traders

in the name of freedom and democracy
they hold the reins of autocracy
 they play thier puppets and pull the strings
cutting and clipping our  thoughts and wings

they are clever in words cunning in deeds
they reap the spoils of thier seeds
and as our beloved country continues to bleed
our hearts wail and wait for  a change plead

is there a light at the edge of the tunnel
or are we doomed to fall in the funnel
what and where will we find that elusive  turn
before our dear  country succumbs to its burns

From sports to religon they meddle
and as we burn  they play the fiddle
these men and women who muddle
area dangerous and an unsolvable riddle

some  amongst them are men of virtue
but it seems like that  they are far and few
the harbringers of change are split
and thrown into deep and endless pits

and so the story goes on
sixty five years after we were born
eternal hope is the only solace
which we can blissfully embrace

India is too great to fall
for it has never done that at all
so the present devils too  will go one day
and only then   would  India shine with its golden rays


Ujwal Unni said...

your anger and frustration towards the incompetent politicians is very expressed. and u leave us with a hope - Hum honge kamyaab ek din....

Joseph Kishore said...

> My dear Hari,
> I am thoroughly impressed and marvelled by the fact that you have been able to devote time to poetic ways, despite your busy schedule.
> Kudos to you !!!!!!
> Joseph R Kishore

Anonymous said...

Well done harimohan,,,!
It must have taken a while!,
You are making very good use of your Alain tenure,,,!,
Way to go!

Amar Lal said...

excellent Hari

Joseph kishore said...

I am thoroughly impressed and marvelled by the fact that you have been able to devote time to poetic ways, despite your busy schedule.

Bitty said...

Dear Harimohan,
Excellent!!! ...the great work of a real patriot. Keep it up., doctor. I think this poem should be made a part of Children's curriculam to enlighten them and feel proud of their country
Can I forward the same to my son , Bimal ,who is studying in VIT now and a member of a 'Band'.there ( as vocalist and guitarist) They might be able to make a patriotic song out of it which will reach the students of VIT?
Hope Dr. Pramila and Children are fine . My love to all
Warm Regards,
Bitty, PCSJ

Satish Chandra said...

Excellent and compelling

Maddy said...

thanks hari
for the reminder,,,
it is sad, as to how irresponsible our brethren are...
also sad that we have to sit miles and miles away to observe it...

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