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Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Time the healer

The hat trick of recent scams are the breaking news these days .
Adhimuthu Raja the telecommunications minister for India swindled just 1.73 trillion crore rupees from the country by granting 2 G connections ,he got a send off from the cabinet by a rightful kick in the posterior .
theother two oostees were Kalmadi the bearded CWG hero of the now famous rupee 700 toilet roll scandal ,and the Maharastra state CM Chavan for The adarsh apartment scandal which deprived Kargil war widows of thier well deserved Colaba flats ,conviniently shared by politicans ,army higher ups and businessmen.
how nice and neat ,the kingpins of corrupt scams resign and fade into oblivion till the heat settles down only to be resurrected later when the collective amnesia of Indians would wipe any guilts .
All three are not an exception in Indian politics ,in fact one is only suprised to find any politician with no scandal worth his name .
Raja has illustriuos predescors from his Dravidian party of Tamilnadu ,
the septegenurian CM of the state is a veteran with an early start
One remembers the Veeranam scandal and Cooum beutification among other things but he still continues as is the CM of the Nadu .
His son Stalin during the emergency days was a ganglord in detention ,but today is a youthful looking 60 year old who also doubles as the deputy CM of the state .
So resignations and dismissals are part of the game .
Iam yet to hear of any Indian politician rotting in a jail because he was corrupt.
He may need to commit bigger crimes like murder to get into jails and some never do too
.It isnt easy for them you know to be jailed not like for you and me ,
of course they continue to contest elections from jails and live in style so not a big difference .

The party concerned makes a deal with these powerbrokers for thier silence in order the details of the money distribution and pocketing is never known
,normally these hardly are one man shows
Of course no one asks for the money to be returned back to the state !
the trillions swindled would never be demanded either by the courts nor by the powers how nice !
an with time resurrections are assured
The law of Indian politics states
" Resignations are the sacrifice required in politics and resurrections are its rewards "
time after all is a great healer .
and so the pinarayi Vijayans and Andhimuthu Rajas continue to keep smiling, as they know well that even if they are indicted they would bounce back .

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