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Sunday, February 07, 2010


N.D.Tiwari the former honble governor of Andhra Pradesh is in his young eighties 83 to be precise but he needs no stick to help him walk nor does he spend time reading his scriptures being a Governor he shouldnt would be the natural response !

Tiwariji has different ideas of passing his time .
his pictures of him romping with not one but three nubile damsels in the gubernatorial bed was all over the net and the Governor of A.P.shortly became the former Governor of A.P .
now he is planning to write his autobiography according to reliable sources
having read Monicas and Cintons salacious accounts Tiwariji probably found an answer to convert his foibles to profit and have the final laugh all the way to the bank .

He should be in touch with the present South African President from the Zulu tribe who proudly poses with his three wives , his 69 years belied by his happy smile and his 19 children sorry 20 the latest is just recent ,proof of his joy .
The club of Tiwari would have several applicants from Kerala .
A former minister with a blue coloured name could be a member he once showed his appreciation to his IAS officer
( female of course )by a cosy hug and promptly lost his ministership
A present minister once groped with his itchy hands the lady sitting in front of him in an aircraft but was crafty enough to come unscathed in the courts and bag his ministership again .
Ice cream bars were the favourite haunts of yet another rising star and future hope of the masses and recently one other was caught red handed in a travellers bungalow with the right ( or is it wrong depends on the person who decides ) company .

The CM of T nadu once fasted in his house post breakfast and pre lunch with his two wives

( one more died earlier ) sadly gazing at him for signs of hunger pangs !After all these Casonovas are also humans and they have got it ,so why envy
Only thing they need to learn is how not to get caught
that is the trick of the trade Mr Casonova ..........


Paresh Palicha said...

Hari etta, one humble request, please don't find inspiration in these people as you are staying alone in the desert country :)

harimohan said...

paresha i dont know the trick of the trade

Anonymous said...

Hi Hari, you know there goes an old saying "to give up what you have is a little thing but to give up what you are is a great thing". now tiwarji gave up both ,his old age and in the bargain his governorship kuttan

Dr.Thomas Antony said...

Sad thing is that many youngsters may find this as a different, but pleasurable way of life. Who will tell them they are not role models when they rule the place and are held in high esteem ?!

Nebu said...

Exciting subject Hari,

The following two letters I sent to the Editor, Indian Express, and published on 26th and 30th December says it all.

1st letter: With reference to yesterdays lead letter by Thomas Mathew Parackel and ‘Moral shock’ by Kurian Mathew, how can sex between two consenting adults be called demeaning? Unnithan should immediately move the Hon. High Court to get the immoral traffic act 1956 repealed, for infringing on his fundamental rights and natural instincts. Conscience and not Courts and legislatures should be the custodians of morality.
Even adultery is not a cognizable offence but only a ground for divorce.

And a (personal) rejoinder from my wife after reading it: There is no conscience for a standing C...!

2nd letter: Irrespective of the issue of propriety involved, the escapade in the AP Raj Bhavan gives men high hopes even at the age of eighty three.

Ps. the exclusive pictures from the bedroom of AP Raj Bhavan circulating on the net are nauseating to say the least.

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