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Friday, June 26, 2009

Rainy Kerala

The Gods own country lives upto its label specially in the monsoon

come june till september the rain pitters ,patters and pours in turn playing hide and seek with a truant sun ,

Kerala is known for its green visage this turns greener with the rains ,
cladded and raincoat hooded children in sodden solace go to schools in soaked spleandour
Vehicles hop over rain filled potholes called roads thier wipers working with fury
roadside eateries serve piping delicacies to beat the cold thier smoke adding to the foggy countenance
lusty flooded rivers, raging waterfalls and ebullient backwaters make the place a waterland some photos of kerala monsoon as i travelled by road and rail taken by my mobile


Flowergirl said...

Nice photographs, But I guess the rain has not poured down as it should be.

Soorya said...

Missing Kerala so much :(
Nice pics!

valliyil said...

wow beautiful photos.although we see those sights almost everyday,but the camera lens and the visual thoughts of yours make it all the more good.which is the temple u had photographed?keep posting and let god bless

valliyil said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
harimohan said...

tks sindhu and soorya
kutetta it is Nallepullikaavu in palghat Dt

Nebu said...

Good photographs Hari, considering it was taken with a mobile phone camera. How many pixels? Can give some free publicity to the manufacturer!

I'll be in Kochi on the 29th all day.

harimohan said...

actually nebu i took the betr ones with nokia 73 which has 3.5 megapixels and the other ones by my imate ultimate with just 2.5 megapixels and poorer resolution

i prefer nokia anytime

Amrita said...

Hello Harimohan, my blog friend Raresh sent me to view your nice pictures.

I am really refreshed looking at the rain, even though from a distance. In UP were are hoping and praying for rain.

Amrita said...

Nice to see Ambis in Kerala, we only see the govt. ones here. Sold 2 of ours years ago.
I like your blog and appreciate the medical work you and your wife are doing.

anas_conversationkiller said...

verutha yenna senti aaki....dr photos adipoli....i thnk i shd also start using ma mobile cameras for sumthng like this other than lokin ma face alone.....!!

Anonymous said...

The crucible of creation so sweet luscious and beautiful it benumbs the senses.and no wonder gods own country

DEVI said...

very good pictures...congrajulations

Ujwal Unni said...

Beautiful pictures of God's own country. Kerala and monsoons are synonmous. Kerala's natural beauty is only enhanced by the overcast skies

Maddy said...


nice photo post
made me very homesick..
need to plan tickets to kerala now..

hope u have more coming up..

saras said...

lovely photographs hari.

vahid said...

Its really superb and nostalgic.thanx to devi for sending me this link.Great work hari,wish you success!!

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