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Tuesday, June 30, 2009


On the day lohitadas the gifted scriptwriter and director left this world i was watching yet another creation of an equally talented director Blessy .

He too had brought A whiff of fresh air into an asphyxiated malayalam filmdom .
His inimitable Kaycha ,Tanmatra ,Palingu and Calcutta news were unique ,the last two not making it upto the standard of the first two .
The present film Bramharam is a thriller ,
the title Bramharam is the name of an an insect speices called Vandu in malayalam something like a bee but not one .which flits from flower to flower and is restless and at times aggresive too .
I have no plans to describe the plot as thrillers should be seen and not spoken of .
suffice to say i liked the movie a lot but the response for this film could be highly variable .
Only a Mohanlal could do justice to the role of the protaganist ,he is an actor of finesse and a volcano of talent .
as an uncouth driver from the hills of kerala he lives every second his role ,with Mohanlal an element of helplessness and innocence always peeps out whatever be the role he plays and he exels in those where life was unfair to him and he takes it on his tormentors .
the emotions that flit through his face in seconds beats a chameleons change of colours ,this is unlike the very dramatic metamorphosis into monsters by Vikram in the movie Aniyan helped by loud music ,here it is an ,uncalculated,act and we just sit shellshocked at this actors talent

His coactors suresh menon and .murali ...son of vetran actor Gopi have managed to do thier bit but pale into insignificance in front of our rolly polly .
He sings emotes fights and dances with a rhythm of his own has an excellent review of this film by my friend Paresh palischa

happy viewing

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Flowergirl said...

I am not a movie buff. But still I had watched wonderful works of Lohitadas.. Kireedam and Chenkol - it doesn't go off your mind ..

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