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Wednesday, May 06, 2009


The last visit to India I found these photos in my aunts house at Chennai ,

I was attracted to it because of the celebrities in it .

I knew that Dr Sreedevi or Thangamuedathi as we fondly called her a cousin sister of my mother from Valliyil tharavadu in Parappanangadi was in the photos along with Pandit Jawarhalal Nehru Indias first prime minister along with Ms Indira Gandhi his daughter and sri Morarji Desai .

A photo where one could pose with three prime ministers of India was something different so I quickly recorded it for posterity and tried to find out the occasion when this happened .

Another aunt of mine Ms Parvathy Menon a writer herself answered my queries .

Dr Sreedevi graduated from Kilpauk medical college chennai in Ayurvedic medicine

( I think it was integrated medicine )

incidentally myself and my wife studied in this college and it is close to our hearts ,

those days it was called the Indian college of medicine .

Dr Sreedevi after graduation went to Dehradun and worked as resident doctor in Kanya Gurukul where she was very popular and known as Dr Behenji .

She married Dr Nambiar in 1947 and moved to Hubli where they practised for many years .

She was socially very active in Hubli and was its muncipal councillar when these dignitaries visited and thus the photo

I love to delve into the rich tapestry of my family but to get correct information is a problem with few sources .


nitha said...

Very intersting photos..You might be very proud of her...

Sindhu said...

It's really interesting. More interesting is the finding the roots of it.

Sadasiv Swain said...

Dear Hari, your social commitment and your spontaneous zeal to help others in need stems from your rich ancestry.

harimohan said...

tks Sindhu and Nitha
Swain iam getting gooseflesh do i deserve it !

It is reflected glory from my aunt tks anyhow

Maddy said...

nalla karyam cheyyunnavar nallavar..

Anonymous said...

Its wonderful.

Creativity!! said...

Its Fantastic :)

valliyil said...

Hi Hari,
A wonderful nostalgic photo which i had seen many a times but never gave it a thought as u did.indeed it was 3 previous prime ministers of india.had i knew the importance of the photo i could have flicked it myself long before.may i share a few words, that i spent more than 3 months with this aunt of mine who is my mothers eldest sister under one roof and in the same room along with her late son arun kumar.infact she cooked for me during this entire period and was my local guardian while i was serving in tirurangadi during the initial years of my career.let me proudly state that it was this aunt who arranged the wedding of my late parents.kuttettan

Meghna Nayar said...

Great photos indeed and again, a very well written blog. Thnaks so much for sending this across.

saidas valliyil said...

Dear relative (I dont know whats your relation with me )
The lady sreedevi alias thankamani velliamma is my big mother. My mother is Valliyil Jayalakshmi(jayakutty)Im saidas v . One set of the photo is with me . Sadly her end was very painfull so is her son Arun eatthan Can I know You My Email ID s ...PLease call 9570183343 Ranchi No

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