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Wednesday, May 20, 2009


Kaviyoor Sree Mahadeva Shetram is somewhere I had never visited but it is one temple whcih I would like to do so .

It just happened when I was chatting with a friend Roopesh he told me about this temple which was also that of his family deity .
He also told me a very interesting story which intrigued me .

Kaviyoor is a small hamlet in South Kerala Pathananmthita district ,nestling amongst hillocks and a cool green canopy of trees with the flowing Pampa and Manimala river washing its soul it is a town with many ancient temples .
One remembers Kaviyoor Ponamma the mother of all mothers in Malayalam films when one thinks of this place ! ( she had acted as a mother to most of the heroes from Prem Nazir to mohanlaal) .
With a literacy rate of 97 % and schools of more than fifty years its population is erudite and aware .
One of the original 64 villages estalished by Sree Parasurama its inhabitants saw both Jainism and Buddishm and later Hindu revivalism .
Its Jainism came from Karnataka and the religious harbringers selected caves for thier temples or Kavi as in old Kannada and Oor is town hence the name .
Another school of thought believes it came from Kapioor that is Kapi is lord Hanuman and later it became Kaviyoor .
It had some very famous brahmin families who were powerful .
The Kaviyoor Kindi a bronzed tailed vessel was as famous as neighbouring Aranmula Kannadi but unfortunately the last of the skilled craftsmen who knew the art died without imparting the skill to any worthy sucessor and the Kaviyoor Kindi is now lost forever !
The Kaviyoor Mahadeva temple is one of the oldest of its kind in Kerala
Though the main deity is Siva ,Hanuman has great importance and is worshipped ardently by the devotees .Vadamala is his favourite offering .
now comes the story ........
Once upon a time a member of a very famous brahmin family associated with the temple ridiculed Lord Hanuman and his ape looks .
It is said that this caused a curse to the family that even today there is one person who had the said look in every generation .
Of course I did not get any corroborating evidence to this possible myth as I never recieved any replies to my e mail enquiries to related sites !
Below are some of the photos of the temple ulsavam ....taken from the official site
my thanks for that ...
so do visit Kaviyoor Mahadeva shetram when you have time .


anas_conversationkiller said...

hmmmmmmmmmmm sure to do tht.....n if find tht family surly i will let u knw.............;)......!!

Maddy said...

will visit when we go that side, but pathanamthitta is off the beaten track....

raj said...

an uninspiring blog......mostly secondhand information.... i couldn't see the harimohan stamp of creativity in it.....

Ranjit K Nair said...

Dear Mr Harimohan
your blog is super.But one thing,you are used my pictures in your blog.Atleast you can give the reference or address of original blog of me:

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