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Sunday, February 22, 2009

Shilpa annual day 2009

The twelth annual day of shilpa society for the mentally Handicapped in kochi was celebrated on February 22nd with great aplomb .
With more than 150 students Shilpa school has grown a lot over time ,with a disabled friendly building to house it and trained staff it is looking ahead to its new home in its new land of almost an acre in the heart of Kochi .
This time too the cultural programmes were done with finesse and creativity and one could understand the work behind it .
the dance drama Patabishekam was the cyanosure of all eyes directed by none other than the great malayalam drama director Dharman master .
It is just another example of how much could be done by the mentally challenged if they are given the right direction ,
It also shows the particpation of creative people ,teachers ,society members and the public at large have come to recognise the sincerity and mission behind Shilpa society .
cine actor Manoj K jayan graced his presence in the function .
It was another fruitful day for the school

somehwhere shilpa should be smiling ...



Dinesh Nambiar said...

Dear Hari,
May God bless in all your noble endeavors.Keep up the good work.

Sadasiv Swain said...

Congratulations Dr. Premila & Dr. Hari.
I just wonder how much you loved Shilpa and the fruits of love for her now goes to the most marginalised in Kochi society.
May God grant you both long years to continue your service to people with disabilities.

shiva said...

Escape from the torments of memory is not a blessing of the evolved,and thinking of others while trying to escape the torments is not a virtue many behold.PRAYING FOR THE CAUSE

Beena Narayanan said...

Shilpa will always be smiling....and why not ???? Her parents are doing such a wonderful job. Kudos to you and Dr Pramila. May God bless and give you both more strength to fulfil your endeavours.
Sorry, I could not make it that day. Hopefully , next year I will be there.....

Prakash Ambady said...

great job guys,your institution is a source of hope to hundreds of kids and their families.My congrats to the organizers and the kids.


What a nice way to remember your daughter. I echo Beena's sentiments.
God blessyou both for doing such a wonderful job.

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