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Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Dear Paresh

My Dear Friend

A few special people have found way into my blog ,this post is of a very special somebody .
We all lead a life with ups and downs and most of us ( specially me ) grumble at the end of day for getting pinpricks .
I admire people with none of the advantages we have ,but have stood against their destiny to achieve and attain ,
Tata Tetely would never have seen any of their job aspirants being carried by the persons father physically ,it did happen when Paresh Palicha an young man afflicted with cerebral palsy with physical disablitiy but excellent mental faculties came for the interview like that and he went on to get that job too on his merits .

Paresh had achieved this with grit and determination ,he plodded to appear for his SSC exams and later went on to finish BCOM and then a course in computers .

Raksha a school for children with multiple disabilities in Kochi was where Paresh was nurtured and encouraged to study and also accept his disabilities ,it is in Raksha where I also met him for the first time years back when I used to go there with my disabled daughter Shilpa .
Time has rolled ,today shilpa has left us but we remember Raksha with a fondness and so does Paresh and many like him .
Paresh was an avid reader even those days and would bury himselves in books ,which would be where he achieved his writing skills .
He later went on to do a diploma in creative writing from London based writers bureau Paresh today is well known for his articles in leading newspapers ,he writes on all topics but he is well known for his excellent movie reviews .

Reading his review one can never imagine how he went to see the movie if only people knew about this it would be more intresting more so than even the movie being reviewed !
Paresh still has to be carried physically or be pushed in a wheel chair .
With the way Indian cities are built ( forget about disabled friendly they are actually even abled unfriendly ! ) his father has to carry him from his scooter to the theatre .
I don't think there is anybody who writes reviews on movies with this much effort ,he types in the computer with a single finger and plods through it with industry .
His reviews are a treat to read of course .
Paresh has a fondness for movie making and hopes one day he would script write Arthur Haileys Final diagnosis with Mani Ratnam directing it and …. he might do just that ..

In Tata Tetley where he works sitting in his wheelchair he is the friendly neighbourhood Stephen Hawling .
Cricket is another thing Paresh is crazy about ,for years he listended to cricket commentaries in the radio intently and now he does so on the TV .
His most cherished dream of course was to become a cricketer ,though circumstances has denied him this he achieved another distinction by acting in a Malayalam movie .

For Paresh every moment is for surpassing himself where he strives to achieve the best he can by beating all the odds .
slowly and steadily he counts his achievements ,he is a born perfectionist and leaves no stone unturned to achieve his goal .

He has his moments of despair too where at times his being locked in a body that does not respond proves a bit too much ,poetry often gives him the soul search and respite during these occasions and he would pour his feelings into them and when we read these in his blog we are given a rare peep into a world unknown to us .
so that folks is Paresh Palicha !
This post is a small way of showing my love to this wonderful friend called Paresh
Please do visit his blog ……………….

,today Pareshs dear father has left him and us
Because of  such people living in this world it is why probably the rain still falls !


Sadasiv Swain said...

Nice to know of Paresh's interest and achievements. I was fascinated with his style of writing in his blog Paresh Palicha and his remarks on people with intellectual disability in our country and girl children. He also sometimes expresses his emotions in his blog and I like the way he does it. I had no knowledge about his being a film critic in news papers though I came across a good number of such articles in the blog. Keep up Paresh and all the best.

monsoon-dreams said...

thats a wonderful tribute to a wonderful person.he is my friend too,and i am lucky to have known him.

harimohan said...

tks swain /author monsoon dreams

you would definitely understand paresh ,tks blog author of monsoon dreams ,will read on paresh there ,blog looks great .

anas_conversationkiller said...

thts mind blowing n hats of to paresh, wht made me think is his ditermination n interst which is lacking in many youngsters like us....he is a model for many people like me....
thnx dr this was a wonderfull job..
anas bin abbas

Maddy said...

great guy that - will check out his blogs too...

Nanditha Prabhu said...

paresh is a real inspiraton.....
and it was so nice of you to write abt him ...will check out his blog....


Thanks, Doctor, for such a nice post on a friend. Will see his blog, definitely.

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