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Monday, August 13, 2007

Seven Years in Tibet review

Seven years in Tibet is an excellent adaptation of a book of the same name written by the author as a true story .
It is about Herr Heinrich Harrer an Austrian mountain climber known for his flamboyance and skills .
Played to the hilt by a handsome Bradd Pitt the 70 million $ movie is directed by Jean Jaques Anoud .
In 1939 Harrer and his friend are part of an expedition to conquer Nanga Parbat and are the darling of the media as thier challenge is for German pride .
Harrer is not much bothered about his pregnant wife as he is focussed on his conquests .
War is declared when the mountain is being climbed and the Germans are captured as Prisoners of war by the British who rule India then .
Transferred to the Dehra dun prison ,Harrer comes to know that a son was born to him and his wife had left him for another .
He tries to escape several times in vain but finally suceeds teaming up though reluctantly with climbing guide peter Aufschnaiter ( played by David Thewlis pretty well ) .
After several hardy days when they are buffeted away from Tibet which is forbidden to foriegners they suceed in landing up in Lhasa ,the abode of the Dalai lama who is a child at that time .
with time they are accepted by the establishment and Harrer becomes close to theDalai lama himself and becomes his teacher in so many ways .
He develops a fatherly instinct to the child lama as he yearns for his never seen son .
The Harrer who was a self centred person turns into a thoughtful and loving person with thoughts centred on his faraway son .
Slowly time passes seven years roll by ,by then China had decided to stamp Tibet under its boots and Harrer is made to leave for his country by ,a now thoughtful adolescent Dalai lama who would shortly go to India in exile .
Harrer goes back to Germany and meets his son ,gets him back ,and trains him to be a mountaineer.
in real life Harrer continues to be a close friend of the Dalai lama even today !

A wondeful true story pictured with poetry and imagination .
It is a treat to watch .I would advise none to miss this movie .



raj said...

wonder how dr.hari manages to bring the spring of words in the midst of arabian summer which usually drains away even the stray streams of imagination from a writer!

(....pollunna arabian venalil vaakukal kondu vasantham viriyikkunna manthrika thoolika....)

Maddy said...

yup- hv seen it a great movie

david santos said...

I come to congratulate you with your work, very good, and to desire good vacations to you

sreedevi said...

The movie does look very nice; Annaud's films (QUEST FOR FIRE, THE LOVER) always feature stunning cinematography. And it's kind of fun; it's a sort of "grand adventure", much like those "ripping yarns" English schoolboys are supposed to be so fond of. But I, for one, hope that the rest of the Tibetan-themed films coming our way will show some evidence that Hollywood is capable of treating such a serious subject in an equally serious manner.

Naveen said...

This was a movie i was looking for earnestly after reading the book by the same name ... found it only a few days back .. it is a wonderful movie seen independently, but somehow fails to imbibe the essence of the book ... good review, sir ....

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