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Thursday, August 09, 2007

dr speedo

I had to interview Dr .Speedo today to meet the deadline given to me by the editor and it wasn’t easy as he literally has wheels on his feet
one had to be on the go to catch up with him .
Dr .Speedo was my friend ,but behind wheels he became a changed person
My phone calls to his mobile were always answered from different locations .
Here goes …….

Me : hey where are you ?.
Him : I have left Nagercoil and on way to Trivandrum ,yes I just reached it now ,am going through it and now left it ,phew ……
Today morning he said he was in kundanoor bridge and could meet me in three minutes in his hospital which was ten km away !
I took those three minutes to meet him there just a few metres from my house
He sailed in as promised smoke spewing from the rear of his jet.
I told him of the interview needed for the article on him

Me : Hi Returning from another drive ?
Him : Ya ,Dr speedo grinned wickedly , nice fun it was , I slithered in between a bus and a container and they made way for me !ha ha ,he grinned sardonically
Me : Hardly fun , quite risky
Him : It is all in the attitude greater the speed ,more fun
Me : O.k lets start the interview ,look when did this craze for speed begin ?
Him : In childhood ,I was fast in everything from drinking milk to to letting it out you know what I mean ! and in school I used to race in my cycle, later my scooter and finally my car in college .real fast life indeed .
Me : like P.T.Usha ?
Him : I used to run well too ,
when in trouble run madly that was my motto ,and I had plenty of chances to be in running mode ,training all the time so I became an expert
Me : of getting into trouble and running ?
Him : true all events in life have a purpose and meaning says Paulo Coelho in his The Alchemist .( speedo as philospher )
Me:Any astrologer read your horoscope ?
Him : He delivered a fast report and declared my stars as racing
Me : You were a fast one I suppose with the gals too
Him : not as fast I wish I was ,but I did pull a couple of fast ones on some ,and had faster reactions , in fact those reactions precisely was what made me learn to get away fast ,I mean exit fast from the place before damage occurred
Me : so you perfected the art of scooting
Him : Necessity is the best teacher .
Me : and then
Him : Then came family life ,here too I fastly had three kids .
Me : then did you slow down ?
Him ; no way you had to be fast all the time for a triple tier job
I became faster ,
speeding in crowded roads became my speciality
Me : oh and how would you do that ?
Him : easy all one had to do was just close the eyes and step on the pedal and you zipped away
Me :close your eyes ! you would hit on something
Him : no generally people and things move away seeing my coming and then I close eyes only for a fraction of a second ,then I swerve ,careen ,crawl and jump
Me : what ?
Him : Atheletic driving is tough to learn
Me : where did you learn that ?
Hi ,I had intensive training from Cochin city buses by long hours of observation of their great drivers , my revered Gurus ,praise be to them ,I learnt to bend my vehicle through obstacles .or jump over them ,my cars were like rubber to me ,I perform what they call my feats as vehicle circus .It is great sport .
Me You still take classes ?
Him : After my formal deeksha ,I still meet my masters and go for a driving discussion on and off
Me : You mean you drive and discuss
Him : No we drive others from the road as we discuss
Me : Why ?
Him : it gives drive to the discussion !
Me ::I think your concentration is total while driving otherwise ?
Hi : No no I give it only a small part of my mind ,I make my phone calls, click my fingers to music ,tap my feet as if Iam dancing with khusboo , pull up my pant zip without catching anything on the way .
Me : you mean ,something could be caught on the way
Him : no no not that ,it is safely hidden .I mean what I meant was ,on the road ,not catching anything on the road
Me : oh !
Me: I usually have my breakfast while driving
Him but , you need 2 hands for that
Me; I have that
Me : but you need at least one for driving
Him so what are legs for ?
Me Arent they are needed for the clutch and accelarator ?
Hi :My co driver helps me in such situations ,
Me:dual driving?
Him : it is a bit difficult but we manage
Me : made for each other
Him : ya ,one drives me for life and I drive for her for life
Me : are you the driver or the driven ?
Him : Iam driven to be a driver !
Me : Tell me what do you feel when you are speeding at 140 kmph
Him : on top of the world ,I get my ultimate high
Me : Do you ever slow down ?
Him: That is a word you wont find in my dictionary , slowing for me is shame ,I do that only when I get down from the car .
Me : what is your advice to others ?
Him : Speed is sexy ,fast is fabulous ,racing is randy ,
Me : When are you ever slow ?
Him :when I am not driven to driving .
With those final words he slammed the door of his car and disappeared into thin air
I plodded home like a snail .


Naveen said...

interesting post ... i hope dr.speedo isn't a surgeon .....if so , i hope he isn't "driven" while in the OT ...:-)

Paresh Palicha said...

Ha... Ha... Liked this very much.

harimohan said...

tks naveen and paresh
he is a pediatrician
he drivels while they drool

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