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Tuesday, April 04, 2006

india the paradox

India the paradox .
A land for the soul and senses.,
where history runs deep in its antiquity ,beauty in its geography ,and variety in its inhabitants .
where matirealism melds into mysticism .
“Tourism to me “is getting under the skin of my India .
It is to gaze at its lofty mountains, to slosh my feet in its wet backwaters ,to hear the rustle of its trees, cooing of its birds and catcall of its wild in its forests , to feel the sand blowing in its hot deserts,to hear the thunder of its waves lashing into its rocks ,to feel the cold of its caves and be embraced by their darkness .
To me it is to watch the subtle but definite changes in its people,their colour ,culture ,costumes and conversations as a passenger in a train a bus ,a truck ,a cart or a cycle as they roll along its length and breadth ,it is to walk its dusty streets ,its tiny villages , its snowy peaks its many cities without the constraints of time, and money and to merge into its sweat and slurry ,
It is to taste its culinary delights ,one of the most developed and exotic in the world , to go on pilgrimages to its thousands of holy spots of all religious hues man has discovered till today ,to listen to its music ,to watch its dances ,puppet shows ,cockfights ,to be a part of its milling crowds in all the greatest melas mankind will ever know ,to dip into the icy cold of its holy rivers ,to watch the bodies burn in its ghats ,the eagles feeding in its tower of silences ,to listen to hymns of the Torah in its synagogues ,sufi music in mausoleums , taste the nectar of its langars in golden Gurudwaras , savour the soulful Sunday sermons of its multitude churches, watch the worship of fire , walk barefoot with its jain saints ,to and to seek the solace of its Rishis with flowing beards .
Tourism to me is to capture its moods in films ,photographs ,paintings and words and into my memory ,it is to savour those moments for eternity ,it is to wonder at the strength of my country that had withstood onslaughts on it for centuries only gaining from them and never losing its essence,it is to imagine myself as part of its ancient history as I move around its landmarks ,its battlefields,its gullies and ghettos .it is to share icy peaks and torrid sands with my jawans as they endure them for my country
Tourism to me is to sing with its children cry with its suffering .trek with its beggars ,trot with its elite ,tremble with its old, shout with its students ,dance with its tribals ,and gorge with its gluttons .
Tourism to me in my country will never end and has never began ,it is part of my life as I discover tiny bits of its vast kaleidoscoe every second of my waking life and my sleeping fantasies , like soap bubbles its myriad multiplicity enervates my senses and fills every part of me with more and more love to
my India .

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