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Friday, August 11, 2017

Thrikandiyoor Temple

Tirur in Malppuram district is my paternal native place ,Ootil house in thrikkandiyur specifically is the house .
The place is very famously known for a huge Shiva temple one of the 108 Sivalayams ,the temple is around 3 acres and it has a huge temple tank almost same area in front ,the reson for such a big temple tank is because there was cpnstant fire in the house oppoiste the temple and astrological invstigations showeed the heat from Lord Shivas third eye facing front was...
causig it and a huge tank was built to quench the heat is what the legend says .
Thrikandiyor was supposed to be consecrated by none other than Parasuraama the father of Kerala itself ,he did it on three places on same day ,in the morning at Thriuvannur ,afternoonat Mannur and at dusk in Thrikandiyoor .
Managed by Namboothiri or brhanmin famils who were plenty in that area it was later given to local king Vettathu rajah ,who later handed it over to the british who ruled Malabar who then handed it to Samoothiripaad of calicut to look after .
of course now it is under Malabar Devaswom in short under the Government which is a curse for all temples .
The temple has special sakti puja lasting 41 days and Kodathiri velakku one day ,it had an association with courts for long and still now every festival one day is sponsored by advocates in the area and is called Kodathi vilakku .
Vetatu rajah himself was a connouisuer of arts ,it is said he introduced drums or chenda to Kathakali and stopped actors from singing ,he also encouraged traditional arts .
Science ,literature ,mathematics ,astrology were all at thier peak in tirikandiyoor area for ages .
Dr Charles schultz in 1835 said that Neelakanda somayajpad from here had written baiscs of calculus 300 years before Isaac newton discovered it .
The famous malayalam grammerian and poet Thunjathu ezhutachan also hailed from here and was a regualr visitor to the temple along with his mother who worked as a servant in Thatarambathu house ,he used to listen the vedic teaching in the Brahmana samooham from outside as he wasnt permitted to take part in it by his caste but excelled the students in it ,once he even pointed out a mistake in thier learning .,in this video Tirur Dinesh a writer expaoins all this .
there are no elephants allowed in the temple

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