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Friday, May 13, 2016


what will we doctors do without you ?
Nurses and doctors are like the sun and the moon,
each needs the other to do their job well,
on this nurses day I thank all the efficient sincere and caring nurses I had worked in my 33 years of being a doctor .
During early medical college days they were foreboding and told us medical students to keep to our place and not touch anything in the OT ,
Internship days they were our masters as in a Government hospital their work was mostly ours and even to get a syringe we needed their largess,
slowly when we had our own  clinic ic  for two decades we had about five nurses working with us most sincerely  ,then they were more than family to us and our children grew up with their attention too as clinic was part of our house ,
In Lakeshore Hospital Cochin I always remember many sisters in the oncology department Sister P……. was very experienced and I still remember her encouragement during my first central line insertion and during all those bone marrow punctures , plural taps or lumbar punctures which became easy slowly ,
the sisters stood by us stolidly ,
in times of emergencies they were quicker and smarter and responded well ,
Many times i had admired at the care they give to inpatients their wounds their love in the bedside, feeding them, cleaning them and changing their dressings offering a consoling shoulder!
in  pain management  the nurses offered great support ,
Working in UAE in a John Hopkins hospital I came across nurses from seventy countries ,
most were loving and sincere and became friends.
 it was all a learning process getting to know them ,
Here too in Brunei when I see how they work quietly and efficiently and go about their jobs I really appreciate them .
on this nurses day I wish all nurses the  very best

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