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Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Mutation document

In medicine mutation is a very common term and means some change had taken place  in the basic structure of a gene which affects the body 
mutant genes cause many illness 
 I never imagined there are mutated documents in land registry department ,torn worm eaten missed documents are very common but mutated document was new to me .
Recently while trying to sell off my house in Cochin at the last minute the lawyer of the buyers bank providing him a loan for buying the house threw a spanner in the works declaring the mutation document was vital .
there was no way one could go ahead without the said document and the onus fell on the seller to get the document ,in fact it should have been got by the owner the time he bought the land and built the house ,that was around 25 years back ,so the lawyer raised his bushy eyebrows to ask so why has it not been done yet !!
 The past came to haunt us .
but India is one country where time is relative and the past can be brought to the present by knowing the right people 
so we found someone who could make things easier and get the said document in time as the running around needed was considerable ,
The process started at first with a visit the village office with the original document which would be scrutinized by the clerk concerned and later he would give a date to visit the site ,
one had to take the clerk to the site and he would meticulously measure the land and house dimensions and give a location document ,
this document needed to go to the to the Revenue Divisonal office for further scrutiny which in normal standards would take a couple of months but one could physically taker it in an hour or so and confirmation the document is brought  back to the village office .
Then the mutation document is issued ,
it was afternoon and Cochin was fuming with heat ,there had been no electric power in the office since morning and the dark interiors showed the officer ,clerks and computer operators working in humid atmospheres
even in the heat they did their job diligently as they checked the documents with care and also the computerized version ,
the idea of making it online is to dispose off the paper based documents but now both are being used 
we really appreciated the work of the Government offices in India as we signed off our house in Cochin

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