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Monday, March 09, 2015

Holy cow

Cow slaughter ban an RSS agenda is being projected by the BJP government ,this is absurd for a secular country like India which caters to all sorts of likes and dislikes and many different beliefs and food fads .
If it is really love for animals then let us stop stop all slaughter and turn vegetarian enmasse ,
I would join that happily because slaughter of animals today in
India is so crude and cruel
In what way is a lamb or a poor chicken lesser than a cow ?
All animals suffer pain and sadness when being slaughtered
this has been scientifically known ,
i have seen some pictures of cows and lambs shedding tears before being lopped off the most unhygienic conditions of slaughter houses in the country The sight would put off most from eating non veg food .
The way cows buffaloes lambs and chicken are transported to slaughter houses are by the most cruelest possible way
I have seen trucks filled to capacity with tied buffaloes with their heads locked to each other to prevent them from moving and their big eyes looking sadly at the vehicles coming behind ,they are dragged down by their tails and made to see their fellow animals being beheaded so cruelly
they smell blood and dung and there is fright in the air
their bodys are full of adrenaline as their hearts thud at the horrible way they know they are going to die
The number of illegal slaughterhouses in India is 10 times more than the legal slaughterhouses ,
corrupt and callous health and sanitation officers make even the legal ones torture houses so one can imaging the plight of illegal slaughterhouses in the country ,
Eating meat of such frightened animals has its own harms as the tissues of these poor animals are full of toxins endorphins and adrenaline and will transmit these endotoxins to the person who eats it .

 If there is hell this surely is a part of it .
but this is not only for cows or buffaloes or lambs or chicken or pork its for all animals which are slaughtered by humans 
fish caught in the sea seem to better off without human touch as they gasp to death which also is cruel to a certain extent 
In developed countries strict rules for slaughter exists 

I am just copying the humane slaughter act in the USA below :
The Humane Slaughter Act, or the Humane Methods of Livestock Slaughter Act, (P.L. 85-765; 7 U.S.C. 1901 et seq.) is a United States federal law designed to decrease suffering of livestock during slaughter. 
It was approved on August 27, 1958.[1] 
The most notable of these requirements is the need to have an animal completely sedated and insensible to pain. 
This is to minimize the suffering to the point where the animal feels nothing at all, instead losing a consciousness from which it will never awaken. 
This differs from animal to animal as size increases and decreases. 
Larger animals such as bovine require a stronger method than chickens, for example. 
Bovine require electronarcosis or something equally potent, though electronarcosis remains a standard. The bovine would have a device placed on its head that, once activated, sends an electric charge that efficiently and safely stuns the animal.
Chickens, on the other hand, require much less current to be efficiently sedated and are given a run under electrically charged water. 
To ensure that these guidelines are met, The Food Safety and Inspection Service inspectors at slaughtering plants are responsible for overseeing compliance, and have the authority to stop slaughter lines and order plant employees to take corrective actions
this is how developed countries slaughter animals

So instead of instigating the people of this country by unnescary acts and bans the BJP Government should work to make humane slaughter a must in the country ,
even in monotheistic countries the eating needs of their subjects who believe differently are provided so there is no reason how such unilateral decisions can be taken in a country like India with so many beliefs and and likes ,
duty of the Government should be limited to providing them with clean hygienic meat made in clean humane conditions

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