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Wednesday, December 31, 2014


Frank Serpico was a New York Policeman in the seventies ,he was initially in the uniformed division later moving into the plainclothes division ,
These detectives usually wore disguises or dressed as peddlers hawkers drug addicts and winos or respectable businessmen masquerading to find out truths ,
Serpico was a master in this and started excelling in his job but he finds out most of his colleagues were getting regular payoffs from the organized crime network in the city he knew that crime could be wiped out of New York and was not done so because the police were corrupt ,
he desists from taking shares offered by his colleagues and reveals the happenings to the commission investigating police corruption and naturally becomes singled out by his compatriots .
there are even attempts to ease him off ,his personal life gets entangled in his stress and his fiancée leaves him with a broken relationship
Once during a drug bust he gets shot in the face as the others fail to protect him ,
he recovers gets police medal and a disability pension reveals all to the commission and later retires to somewhere in Switzerland to lead the rest of his life as he is a marked man in USA .
tis story of a honest police officer brave and good in his job who stood for the right but got victimized was written as a story and later filmed .
Al Pacino does a great job as Serpico himself initially full shaven and then as a handsome bearded young man and later ona as a stressed out bearded bedraggled man at his wits end .
the music and BGM are excellent
a most watchable film for me and I want to keep this as a last film for 2014

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