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Thursday, September 04, 2014

Hundred feet journey review

Some films are known as feel good movies
such movies do not fall into genres like action ,horror, romantic,or tragic they are just there and one watches them and feels good !
one such delightful film I saw recently on the big screen was the hundred foot journey .
directed by Lasse Hallstorm based on best selling novel written by Richard C Morais .
It has Om Puri in a central role with Manish Dayal as his son .
Music by A.R Rehman

Its about an Indian family of restaurant owners who after a personal tragedy lose the mother and the whole family migrate to U.K. where they manage to start a Tandoor restaurant near Heathrow Airport but right on the flight path with dangerously flying planes swishing over their tandoori concoctions and upsetting their applecart ,OmPuri the father with his three grown up children and two smaller ones decides to try his luck in France which was said to have a more saner climate and manages to get past immigration and land up in a small village by quirk of destiny where he takes a huge dilapidated ex hotel to start his Maison De Mumbai ,only problem is just across the road is a French Michelin starred gourmet restaurant owned by Madam Mallory and the initial half is about the war of competition between the two hotels with radically different cuisines
Om Puri has a disdain to French cuisine and considers it as relatively underdeveloped in finesse when compared to Indian cuisine which has over the ages evolved and matured into a highly complex art while the French chefs across considers his curries as crass incidentally this exited me a lot as I share a lot of Om Puris thoughts too .
Amongst his children who are also excellent chefs the elder son Kadham is a genius and learns French cuisine with the help of one of the junior chefs in the French restaurant on whom he also develops a romantic interest ,to make the story short Khadam goes on to work n the French restaurant later becomes famous and is spirited away to Paris where he becomes a celebrity chef while the French and Indian restaureres become close in the village and become like one happy family Khadam returns back from all the limelight to the village and start working in the French Restaurant and thus back to his girl too
Watching the film is a pleasant experience one gets no surprises but one enjoys the visuals the music and the gentleness of life
watch it please


sibi said...

Good review. Will try to see the film.

Ron Knox said...

Will look out for movie. Have you seen The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel. It's one of my favourites.

All the best Ron Knox

harimohan said...

Sorry mr knox just saw comment
I shall see that movie
Pl b in touch

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