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Thursday, June 19, 2014

X Education

Hari talk to him about girls
A friends advice in FB
Oh yes I thought hes 18 as a dad its my job right ?

so I went to shyam
Hey Shyam what about gals guy...
What about them ?
Well ......
..You want to talk about girls

acha (dad) ...I .read that comment in FB

Me : ah ok that makes it easier so what do you like to know ?
Shyam : Not much no probs dad dont stress yourself
Me : Well you need to be careful with girls
Shyam : oh thought it was other way around dad !
Me : Oh ya true but you know what protect yourself and all that stuff
Shyam : Yup I know that ..
Me : Oh you do .. .no one told me when I was your age ....and guy these gals as a speices they are never simple u see ....
Difficult to fathom ...In fact quite complicated they are I sighed
Shyam : Oh yes I can see that
What did he mean ...!!
observant fellow this son of mine
Me: Well men left alone are happier ,simpler, but u see nature makes us need each other !
Shyam : Oh yes.... the bee business
Me : Yes the bee ..It stings on and off ....of course with time this gets lesser, rather one gets used to stings ....Another thing we men have all thoughts in one box
The gals have several boxes so....... beware
Complex is the word ,you can call complicated too ...
One minute they are smiling and then you eye a good looking female coming they have murder in thier eyes and look like underworld dadas..... terrifying
And another thing.... they just cant sit and do nothing
Shyam : Oh u mean we men can
Me : Of course as you get older its the happiest thing to just do nothing
But that would just make them wild ..they go crazy when we just sit and do NOTHING
Shyam : Like...
Like the TV is on and we gaze at it with that faraway look and a stupid vaccant expression
Shyam : What do you think of at those times ?
Oh what else gals. Oh no not gals I told you NOTHING
Shyam :Oh ok...You mean you just gape and dont think
Me : Yup
Shyam : dad I cant do that , I have no time for that
Me : Later son later , all with time
best thing you see is to do NOTHING
Shyam : oh
Me : And then when we guys jam together we become boys ,we want to play pranks, have a beer , we laugh at bawdy jokes , and generally enjoy till wifey comes along
Shyam : Oh
Me : Yup
Men are always little boys
And even little girls are like women

Shyam : Ok acha .....enough now want to watch football
Me :Oh football
See again men playing like boys in half shorts
I told u
Men are little boys who need thier gals
He looked amused my son he did


Meera's World said...

Hi,my 18 yr old son's book was published by Penguin.:)

Swapna Raghu Sanand said...

Hari uncle, that was just too funny, quite realistic and awesome!!! Firstly, few dads actually sit down and have the guts to talk openly with their kids on this topic. Hats off to you for doing that! You are a super cool dad, and Shyam's a great kid who is meant to accomplish great things. Congrats on his IIT admission, Dad always wants you to know that he too is VERY HAPPY for Shyam. We all are. Love & cheers!

harimohan said...

Thanks a lot Swapna

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