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Friday, May 16, 2014

Rainbow of Hope

2014 is hopefully  decisive year in the history of India
India an ancient country with a hoary civilization extending back to aeons
A country known for its superior civilization and achievements be it in spirituality art culture or science even at ages  when the rest of the world were struggling for basic  survival
A country where major religious thoughts emanated from

over the years it attracted hordes for its wealth and openness but was exploited divided and plundered by many invaders  the last being the British .
Even though many historians tell us that there has never been a  united India  in history and it was always many countries cobbled together ,it has been invaded by many over the times , the fact is that it was a cobbled mosaic of many individuals fiefdoms with some common thread of Indianess which no one can deny . 
Like a vast sea unruffled it absorbed all  into its flow all that came in from outside and melded it into its oneness but mans ingenuity  found a way to divide it so that they could rule it
how easy it was
1947 was the year  the British finally  left the country after having sucked its life force to an anemic nothingness and left it bleeding in two pieces which would menace each other for years to come  ,later this would became three .
The men and the  women who ruled the country in its democratic spirit also used this dividing technique very effectively
power was achieved by splitting the country by its multitudes of castes and religions

 The man on the street had always been  the most secular
 To him all paths  led to a power he fathomed on and he lived as a large family with his neighbors ,with all his energy spent on living he had no time to think of differences 
but this would not do
it was this thread of natural unity that was successively broken by power mongers who instigated induced inoculated hatred and animosity among st its  sections
people passionate of their beliefs were easy victims to this clever divisions which increased the fissures ,if only they had realized that the dividers were their real enemies the country could have been different

Caste divisions prevalent more due to its perpetuity over the years gradually eroded with education but   the politician found it convenient to increase it by caste based reservations in the name of positive affirmation
V.P.Singh our  former prime minister and a most unlikely caste monger used the specter of Mandal commission  to save his skin in a power struggle releasing the Pandora box of caste divisions .
several parasite parties  grew ,like  bats and  they survived  on caste divisions .

caste appearing in every application,census and other official documentation was more significant than wearing its signs on the forehead
children  learnt that they were different from their friends in having an advantage or disadvantage in opportunities by the castes they were born with ,merit was murdered
the demands grew by day and the divisions grew over time
One also has to mention that even in these modern times the scourge of Caste was still present in large parts of India which was a shame and one can never condemn the support to these parties as they had suffered over the years and continue to still do so !
but the politician instead of spreading education and trying to inculcate non casteist feelings actually fanned its flames for his or her benefit and reservations was the bone they gave to their fleet of rabid pets as food .
From across the border also came dangerous and dissipating indoctrination's 
the easily flammable passions were fueled by inflammatory speeches which injected hatred among st  people who by nature loved and respected each other
communal riots cleverly engineered by parties with or without external help made the country a tinderbox
accusations and cross accusations of a holier than thou brigade made the people their gullible s

Let us look back a little 
Emergency declared by prime minister Indira Gandhi in 1975 by its excesses  gave birth to a victorious   Janata party in the 1977 elections
there was great hope for the people of a change and improvement in conditions then ,Doordarshan known for its censorship metamorphosed into Prasar bharti and Gandhijis nephew Rajmohan Gandhi the scholar was even said to head it !
 I still remember those heady days of hope which unfortunately  dwindled in two years when a   mediocre Janata party led by small people  crumbled due to its inefficiency
Dynasty rule continued with Indira Gandhis return  and after her assassination her son Rajeev Gandhi as the prime minister .
Once again there was hope for this bright young man who was in a hurry to change things and dispose power mongers but slowly office and coterie  changed his rule and interference into affairs of a neighbor  brought his demise 

Then came the BJP riding on its Ram temple politics which polarized the people but brought a new dispensation which never lasted much
hopes given and crashed on and off
it was back to the Congress which slowly drifted back to its family politics with an Italian born daughter in law holding the strings to play on  a puppet of a prime minister who incidentally had turned the tables of finance by his economic miracle as finance minister
what a scholarly puppet he was !
and then a decade of corruption cheating  people by using hollow symbols of secularism as  the country rotted
Today the menace of terrorism looms large for us .
The fine borders seperating our innocents and those who divide us is blurred 
we tend to look at each other with suspicion 
some in power too have their subterranean sympathies for a disunited India as it serves them well
The very meaning of the word Secular has come to mean as appeasement of some for their vote muscle 
Some politicians ,human right activists ,new age authors and pseudo intellectuals  consider it a fashion to support antinational forces !
We thus create monsters in our back yard 
the antiquated laws of the country provide loopholes for such forces 
the slow delivery of justice make them stronger 
Rabid fire breathing fundamentalists create hatred amongst people and also produce cultural frustration in us .
these white ants and maggots who eat away the fabric of our indianess are courted by lust filled vote beggars 
filled vote beggars 

the creepy parasitism of religious bigotry has rotted our foundations and the iron pillars of our skeleton have been rusted 
do we really need enemies from outside when we have enough amongst us ?

Today  as we enter our 67 th year of Independence our hopes are pinned on a man  who was elected with great hope 

There is hope  as well as fear for those who have been fed on stories of him  spreading mayhem and murder of communities ,
there is fear of loss of special privileges which many had got used to due to appeasements for the sake of getting vote banks
 there is fear of  common laws
there is also fear from other nations who have been harming our country over time of a no nonsense nation  which would demand its pound of flesh and have no qualms in using its strengths if needed for it and would not be swayed by internal or external pressures in this determination .

Today Our prayers are for our country 
our prayers are for its brave armed forces who guard our frontiers like no other countries does 
our prayers are for those who are not corrupted in our bureaucracy politics and the stalwart of democracy our judiciary ,these will be our pillars of strength and internal guard against any misuse of power by individuals 
the strength of Indian democracy has been unrivaled 
our  millions have always had their intuitions in the right place 
they had withstood the onslaught of wrecking forces of the times with great resilience 

we can only hope for the  good
we can only hope the men who decide our destinies  leave us common folks alone to lead a quite life with our beliefs while  loving each other
we need to continue looking at our friends and neighbors without the tinted glasses of castes or religions 
we can only hope that merit is not murdered
w can only hope that the best of the country goes to the poor and the defenders of our country
we can only hope the goodness of the common man is no more exploited
and finally 
we can only hope and pray we are not disappointed again like we were many times before 

the rainbow of Indian hope is our message on our Independence day  
Jai Hind 

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Swapna Raghu Sanand said...

Quite an insightful blog post. Definitely hoping for the best!

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