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Saturday, March 01, 2014

Love able colleague

The Madras Medical College is a venerable institution lasting more than 175 years ,over this time it had churned out physicians who are legends ,doctors who have earned fame for their skills and knowledge all over the world .
Every 2 to 3 years during the early seventies they held a medical exhibition for the public which was always well received as people were ever curious to know about health and medicine was fascinating ,it contained an anatomy section where dissected bodies and skeleton and pathology specimens of brains and kidney were exhibited and talked upon by smart white coated medical students .
I was one of the awe struck school students standing in line to view those specimens then ,those skeletons and embalmed bodies would create a thirst in me to become a physician myself ,my paternal Grandfather Parameswaran moos was one of the court physicians and belonged to a famous traditional medical family of north Kerala his vestigial genetic prodding would have added to this thirst of medicine in me ,again my father who left me when he was just ten was an encyclopedia of ailments most of the illness i would study later was suffered by an unfortunate him though he borne them with a patience and fortitude of which i have inherited none but had to leave this world early because of them ,seeing somebody sick on and off as a child and visits to hospitals and clinics with him may also have created the ache to become a doctor in me .
It was easier said then done those days with only government medical colleges around and very few private medical colleges which a fatherless boy could ill conceive ,i knew if i had to get into medicine i better worked with grit !
Tamilnadu already had caste based reservations then and i being born in the forward or open category was backward in my chance of getting a seat !
I managed to complete in eleventh standard ( SSLC those days were up to 11th plus two came later ) with reasonable good marks though not remarkable ones !
I still remember my going alone to Vivekanda college well known for its studious students for my
Pre university course to get an application form ,one of my classmates who is I heard now a senior Agricultural scientist in the US of A was returning back with his father and mother in tow ,his dad asked me Hari you alone nobody with you ,yes sir i only have my mother at home and she couldn't come so i managed to fill in the forms attend the interview and sit in same class with my friend .
one year later i managed to secure a first in natural sciences in the university and luckily for me that particular year the admission was fully on strict merit as the state was under Presidents rule the previous corrupt government having been dismissed .
i still never believed i got a chance to get into medicine and was shell shocked when my name appeared in the list among st many who had applied from our colony ,the morning the rest of them trooped to my house and woke me up with the news my eyes were full of happiness so was my mothers to whom it was a fruit of her determination to make something out fo her children by giving them good education against all odds .if at all Iam something today it is because of her .
Kilpauk medical college was just walking distance from my house and I either walked or rode a bicycle to the college for a long time .
KMC was good to me as it also presented me with a girl of my choice who went to become my wife of today for more than three decades along with a medical degree .
I finally studied in the hallowed Madras Medical college in the Bernard institute of Radiotherapy for my post graduation which i completed in 1986 to enter the field of oncology .
so I was thrilled to know that my dear daughter Sruthi was selected in the All India medical Entrance examinations as a merit candidate and she selected the same college .
today after five years she has completed her final MBBS and entered the portals of our profession the third doctor in my family and the most lovable colleague for me and my wife in our profession
I thank the almighty for this grace

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