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Friday, August 16, 2013

The Kings speech ...Movie Review

The kings speech is a strange title for a movie
The classic historical drama directed by Tom Brooke is real life story of a king who had a speech defect of a stammer from his childhood and how he overcomes that to deliver historical speech of his countries entry into the second world war .
The story wrriten by David Scleider ,having heard of how king George VI had overcome his problem with the help of a speech therapist called Lionel logue and the friendship that developed between the king and this Australian citizen he started writing on it but did not relaese it till 2002 on request of Queen elizabeth the queen mother who was George VI widow till she passed away .
The film was released top great box office sucess in 2011 and won many awards .
The plot is Duke of York second son of George V  develops a stammer from his childhood and is diametrically oppoiste to the first son who was also deemed to be the king but destiny decided otherwise as Edwards III  known as David his elder brother after becoming King abdicates it as he was bent on marrying American socialite Ms Wallis who was still married to another husband .
Duke of york has littel self confidence and no aspirations to become the king though he goes  to Logue for his therapy and does all the exercises .logue delves into his childhood and tried to find the psychological cause for his disability ,he gives him confidence and asks him to think of becoming the king itself ,even though the duke behaves like a freind to Logue this angers him and he is kept away from seeing the duke .
finally he is coronated as the king at a crucial time when was clouds had gathered with Hitler invading Poland and the inevitable entry of britain into the seciond world war
The new king is expected to deliver an emotional national adress and he is mortally afraid of his ability to do so ,Logue is brought back and is there with him during the adress slinetly mouthing his speech and prodding him along ,to the queen and logue the succesful delivery of the speech done with great emothin by the king in the circumstances brings great happiness and the frindship lasts for many more years to come
the writer of this story himself had a stammer
As a child, David Seidler developed a stammer, which he believes was caused by the emotional trauma of World War II and the murder of his grandparents during the Holocaust. King George VI's success in overcoming his stammer inspired the young Seidler, "Here was a stutterer who was a king and had to give radio speeches where everyone was listening to every syllable he uttered, and yet did so with passion and intensity." When Seidler became an adult, he resolved to write about King George VI.
Colin firth acted as George VI
music was by Alexander Desplat
Excellent visuals and absorbing movie see it .

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