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Monday, March 04, 2013

Haridas ....Review

There has been a spate of Tamil films recently low budget with relatively less known actors whch has fared considerably well in the boxoffice .
Haridas can be slotted under this genre .
Directed by Kumaravelu who has directed two earlier nondescript films which made no impact but with  this creation he as proved himself.
Kishore is the hero of the film who  having been a villain in his earlier film Aadukaalam has the intense manly look needed for the charachter of an encounter specilaist in the police department in this film and handles his role with aplomb .
The action sequences are authentic and gives us a window into the rarefied world of encounter speceilasit teams and the life they lead enmeshed with shady underworld characters and threatened with imminent violence at any given moment .
Into this tough world Kishore is burdenend with the repsonsiblity of his seven year old autistic child brilliantly enacted by Prithiviraj .
The director has done enough research to teach the histrionics needed for authenticity of the role .
how the hard cop softens with love for his disabled child and makes him  into a winner is the rest of the story told as a flashback by the autistic child grown big .

Sneha is the teacher in the corporation school trained to handle  special children is a fine exampe of an actress who has both brain and beauty .
The whole movie has the right mix of emotions and  intenseness needed for live action 
It has  at an edge of the seat feel while delivering a message to a society which is  mostly unaware of special needs children  but at the same time it has no documentary feel to its strong script .
I feel this is one movie not to be missed by anyone

there was no hyphe or drama like some recent blockbusters which were banned but proved to be a wimp on the screen   but it tells its tale quietly and how .

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Swapna Sanand said...

Nice post, I hadn't known about this earlier. I liked the snaps too.

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