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Saturday, January 26, 2013

Kapaleeswarar Temple

After more than three decades I visited Kapaleeswarar temple in Mylapore Chennai the old madras where I was born and brought up till I became a doctor ,then I moved into my native Kerala .
Nostalgia revisited indeed ,strangely even though there was lot of changes the place still retained its flavour and smells ,many landmarks were still there i may have even bumped into many familiars i could recognise .
The temple itself has a great history and legend ,built in the 7 th century AD it is a temple to Lord Shiva Kapalam means head and Eswarar is Deity ,Shiva had angrily pucked one of the many Kapalams of Brahma who sinned and he prayed here and got it back so says the stalapurana or legend of the temple .

Today was one of the three days when the lord is chaperoned in a festooned barge in the temple tank and many devotees flock to see the spectacle a visual delight ,i missed my SLR though my Samsung did adequate justice and here they are for you to see .


Maddy said...

you know it is now over 30 years since i last wandered around madras...was nice to see some pics

angelin williams said...

Nice Blog and collection of temple images are awesome. I would like to share some information about Kapaleeshwarar Temple here with you.

The Kapaleeshwarar temple is a landmark in the Chennai city. The temple is dedicated to God Shiva as Kapaleeshwarar and divine mother Shakti as Karpagambal. Many know the legend and story behind the temple. But some of the interesting and unique facts about the temple are..

1. It is believed at the time of Yuga pralaya (dissolution of cosmos) nothing remains except Lord Easwara with the Kapalam. He starts creation of new Yuga from this Kapalam. Hence the name Kapaleeshwarar.

2. God Rama worshipped here and won the battle against Ravana.

3. Angam Poompavi, daughter of Sivanesa Chettiar got her lost life here.

4. Vaayilar Nayanar, a Fakir achieved redemption here.

5. The birth place of Thiruvalluvar, who wrote Thirukkural, was Mylapore.

6. It is one of 275 ‘Paadal Petra Sthalam’ temples

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