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Sunday, April 22, 2012

ORDINARY Malayalam movie .. is .extraordinary

Ordinary is a new malayalam movie which gives hope to  people who love malayalam films for its quality ,
Malayalam films may be moving in the right direction after the recent fall into the  deep morass of imitation of other south language masalas of the pelvic thrust acrobatics kind .
It is all about a run down KSRTC ( what else does one expect KSRTC to have ) bus plying to a remote village near a dam called GAVI .,it is about the regulars who travel in this bus for thier living commuting to the city and back and about the driver and the conductor .
The amusing pre interval songs and anecdotes with Biju Menon mouthing Palghat style dialogues with aplomb and a novice Kunjachacko Boban proving himself to be the man with more in him than what he projects, post interval dips into a suspense plot full of pathos and unexpected twists and turns .

the Director  Sugeeth  a protege of Kamal the well known director proves himself worthy of his guru .
Excellent photography ,good dancing and acting by all the newcomers including veteran Raghavans son Jishnu brings life into the film .
Raghavan ( chembaratthi fame ) appears in the role of a priest .
Asif Ali proves himself again as an intense actor with a future .
It is in the end a feel good film and leaves you satisfied like belching  after a good Kerala marriage feast !
see it .....


nishi said...

yes, its an extra ordinary movie & the movie gives us a feel of the fog & mist of Gavi through out the picture, we enjoyed the movie on the vishu day!

Nebu said...

I don't like stories and plots set in a village background so I was going to give this movie a miss but after your recommendation I plan to give it a try.

Rekha said...

How true Dr.It really is a very good movie.You know after this movie,there was
a huge rush of tourists to Gavi disturbing the wild animals and ofcourse the
forest plunders,the govt closed down the entry road to Gavi.
See Mayamohini.Very good acting by Dileep.After interval the movie looses
the charm.The usual masala.

Swapna Raghu Sanand said...

I love to watch Malayalam movies that are set in a village background because it represents an era of my childhood vacations to Kerala. It makes me nostalgic. Frankly I feel that many of our recent movies seem artificial or we seem to have difficulty portraying Malayalitham in
characterization. I am feeling so bad I missed this film when it came to Delhi. It was a busy schedule at the time and I know watching a movie like this on DVD is no fun at all.

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