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Wednesday, March 21, 2012

KAHANI Movie Review

The essence of  any film lies in its script and the way it is directed .
Kahani the Hindi movie does well on both these criterions and to add to it is the brilliant portrayal of the central character by the very talented and beutiful Vidya Balan .
there is no moment wasted in the movie
one is absorbed  by the Kolkata that comes live on the screen ,the photography is world class with most of it close up shots ,
imagine Kolkata in close up during Puja times the cacophony and colour of the city is recorded faithfully and intrestingly .
The crowds part and meld with the actors as the situation demands
the Durga motifs form the backdrop of the action the rundown lodges runny streets old rikshaws rickety trams and a booming metro where the real story begins is so enlivening .
Director Sujoy Ghosh drops subtle hints  of the possible end during the movie ( I was unable to recognise any clues  though my daughter vocuhed on it  ! )
A fully pregnant and tired jet traveller from London comes to Kalighat police station in search of her missing husband........ you guessed it ,it is Vidya Balan nay Bidya Bagchi as they say it in Bongali .
Bidya is assisted by a junior police officer of Kalighat plice station and thier mission runs through myraid convoluted pathways which enmeshes them with shady gangsters contract killers seedy lodges and finaly the Intelligence Brueau with a couple of  moles in thier backyard .
Very rarely do Indian films enter  into the  shadowy parallel world of the  intelligence  ,though the underworld has been  reasonably well covered .thanks to Ramgopal Verma
To make a long story  short the gripping movie comes to a brilliant ending which is totally unexpected but all the loose ends are ably tied by the director and the movie appears reasonable and plausible .
If you see this movie and I feel you should dont even breath about its suspense to anyone who wants to see it
please .......


Kannan said...

Hi Dr. Hari, A very good and balanced review for one of the most gripping Hindi movie released in recrnt times. Just like Delhi Belly does this movie bares open Calcutta's bell!!

The actor who dons the role of Police Officet Khan, the snarling tough Cop from HQ deserves special mention for his scintillating performance.


harimohan said...

agree with u Ram

Govind Raj said...

Thanks Dr. Hari. Me, a big time movie buff has been kept off Cinema for over 2 months now due to some fickle things. Should go tonight !

harimohan said...

let me know ur opinion Govind

Anonymous said...

The suspense disclosed in 5 minutes at a very fast pace, so that I couldnt understand much, then I had to read reviews to know what exactly was the suspense. Then its also copied from Hollywood movies mainly from 'Taking Lives' and then Rendition but executed well. Anjelina Jolie made same preganant act in that film finally a CBI officer.

I liked the killer very much, acting so dumb and ruthless when does killing, we are seeing many Bengali talents in this film.
The character actor who played Khan was around for a long time but now only getting noticed. In ParamSigh Tomar also he appears recently.
The hero traffic cop also did his part well. He told in an interview that Bengali films are technically way behind otehr languages so there actors have to excel to make a film better. May be thats reason we feel all actors did justcie to their respective roles in this film. Undoubtedly Vidya Balan did very well,no Kareena or Kaif can do such roles.

Swapna Raghu Sanand said...

I've heard a lot about Vidya's role and performance in this movie and I've been longing to watch it in the theater but for the fact that I don't want to take Adi and I prefer not to watch movies in theater unless I can take him along with me. Maybe this movie is an exception, thanks a ton for sharing your thoughts on this brilliant film.

Maddy said...

it was a great movie - we enjoyed it..balan on the move...

Mukesh rijwani said...

Thanks doc for the review.

You missed commenting about the super performance of A. khan, Rana and Bob in the movie.

and also the famous song recital at the end from none other than great Amitabh Bachchan.

here's my review

Keep writing, we love your reviews.

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