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Saturday, January 14, 2012

Akale film /review

Sometimes ,no most of the times fine things come not by design but by chance .
surfing the channels on a lazy holiday made me see this classic movie by Director Shyamaprasad ,I would not have even known about it otherwise !

Akale is a very simple story of a north malabar anglo indian famly ,
Sheela the extrovert gregarious mother who hides her anxiety of a woman deserted by her husband , a sensitive mildy handicapped daughter Rose , and a son Neil  who is in a world of his own .
Neil   is  a lowly clerk but aspires to be a writer of fame  one day
.he often  escapes to the fantasies of a local cinema house to escape the constant grumblings of his mother who goads him to find a match for Rose .
Pritiviraj as Neil has done a low profile  and mature job even as a middle aged writer in the later half of the film .
Geethu Mohandas as Rose is really the star of the film ,she has brilliantly portrayed a fragile and sensitive young woman with an inferiorirty complex who hides her thoughts amongst her glass figurines .
she flowers open to Freddy , Neils friend who was also  her schoolmate and lets us all know how much could be behind such quite  people ,
like her  broken glass unicorn her dreams are shattered along with ours  once we come to  know Freddy the thoughtful and caring man is already engaged to someone else .
Rose slowly  retreats into a sanctuary to disappear altogether from this uncaring world
Sheila the veteran actress portrays her role with aplomb
The movie takes you to the world of Anglo indians , the piano cliniking in the background the sepia tinted photographs the echoes  of great parties in the  past and the porcelain dinner layouts .
The film ends with Freddy his wife  ,Neil and his mother , all remembering Rose and we too do that then .

Brilliant please watch 


umeshjairam said...

Hari, Now-a-days I seldom go to theatre to watch movie. However, based on your review, I shall give a try.

Mahesh said...

I never knew that you kept a blog. So happy reading you. Keep it up doctor. However, we will see the movie on the first opportunity.

Olikkara Mohan said...

Yes Hariettan, it is a nice movie to watch

Maddy said...

it is a great movie, and the songs are fantastic

Swapna Raghu Sanand said...

It's a fine movie and delicately made, like the petals of a flower. The songs, the characterization and even the body language are so perfectly detailed. It is not a surprise as Shyama Prasad is that kind of a director who doesnt miss the details.

Another film of his that I'd recommend is "Rithu" which has a lot of contemporary situations and equally mystifying symbolism in the characterization of its young protagonists. It's worth a watch.

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