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Monday, November 07, 2011

Adaminte Magan Abhu

Some Malayalam films these days are showing the sensitivity that they are  known for and thier quality is improving  after a precipitous dip to crass masala recently .
Surprisingly two films Pranayam and Adhaminte magan Abhu have dealt with the seniors in society who are considered  not very market worthy in film commerce .
Adhaminte got the national award for acting for Saleem Kumar known for his comedy forte .

The story  is that of an old couples yearning for a pilgrimage to Mecca with thier meagre savings .
ignored by thier only son working  in the middle east
The couple find it difficult to gather the funds needed even by  selling thier loved few posessions like an old tree in the house  and a  cow and calf which provides them livelihood and to them  more like a child
Good people are willing to help beyond the constraints of religon or blood relationships but Adham being a stickler to the laws of his faith and pilgrimage rules refuses them with love .
the couple almost prepare for thier trip at one time before disappointment sets in and go to people they know even to those who have done them harm and apologise for any wrongs committed by them which is said to be a prepilgrimage ritual ,and they find that the Almighty works in strange ways unfathomable to meagre mortals .

The trials and tribulations that fall on good men who stick to thier principles but  are stonewalled by poverty is depicted with finesse .
both Saleem Kumar and Zareena Wahab have essayed thier roles with grace and dignity the dark at time grotesque and sad eyes of Saleem strangely contrasting with those of the still beutiful Zarina
The wrinkles of Saleem in a tired  face breaking into myraid emotions and  eyes filled with love and devotion makes him worth the national award
The couple dont make it to Mecca but bring back thier cow and plant  a new sapling in thier house ,depicting a new beginning
A very good movie
hope more of this genre is made


Swapna Raghu Sanand said...

The story sounds interesting, it hasn't reached us in Delhi yet. Lets hope it does so that we can see it. Waiting for more posts from u please.

Kannan said...

Dr. Hari, Kudos to you for an excellent review. Besides the main protagonists Saleemkumar and Zareena everyone else had given some distinct colour to their roles; both Nedumudi Venu as the School teacher and Mukesh as the Manager of the Travel Agency deserve special mention. Kalabhavan Mani shines very well in his cameo appearance. An all round mature performance from every actor.


Maddy said...

got the movie from India - have to see it

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