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Saturday, July 23, 2011

Lost in a limbo

This post comes from me after life without G mail for less than a week !
Somehow my account got disabled and finally was reactivated after several frantic mails to Google in U.S. and sending them the princely sum of 30 cents by credit card !

These past days my mail account ,Picassa ,Blog and Google talk all were frozen .

now I knew how people feel when thier accounts get frozen
I mean the biggies like Kalmadi and Raja !

How dependent we are today on technology ?
What does one do when one cant acess FB and orkuts !
one almost get withdrawal symptoms

What about all the mails which I had put off to read for another day ?
what about all my e mail contacts ?
how could I ever let the world know l know that Iam non communicado for now ?
These questions bothered me .

I was just ruminating on starting all new
But with more than 160 blogposts to start afresh without my favourites was quite sad
it was almost like a rebirth
like taking a new avatar

And then it all came back and am writing this now .

you know guys and gals the climax wasnt so earth shattering

As I eagerly opened my inbox all I saw was a lot of forwards and a sprinkle of personal mails

Fact is nobody seemed to have missed me much !!

psst dont let it out


Paresh Palicha said...

Doc, thank god you could retrieve your Google A/c. Google maybe having teething trouble with Cloud Computing (a new IT jargon, I'm yet to understand its full scope).

I know what feels like to have withdrawal symptoms; you feel that the world is whizzing past and you're left out. But, when you get back in the cyber world you realise that nobody cares for you in your absence.

May I suggest that in future you type your blog in Word or any other text editor & copy/paste it here. So, you can have a copy of everything in your hard-disk.

Bala said...

I've had the same feeling when I went to Kerala on vacation. We had very sparse internet access at our house. I literally got onto email in about 3 times in 3 weeks. I too felt the "withdrawal" symptoms you describe. However I realized that I had just missed a few updates on FB and a few emails that I really could have lived without! It is really interesting how "addicted" we have all become to technology - the ever changing "java" of yesterday, today and tomorrow.

harimohan said...

tks bala and paresh for echoing my sentiments
paresh cloud computing seems to be the next where our data would be in a remote server instead of our pc and one can acess it anywhere with any device
Google plus is born now to compete with FB
we are burying ourselves deeper i think

Nebu said...

Try writing 'Love letters' then you will see a lot of people do miss you.
Hope Premila doesn't take offence for giving you such juvenile advice Hee... heee...

harimohan said...

post 50 love letters often get no reply I presume havent tried it out to be sure
premila would just consider it as good riddance to bad rubbish !

Maddy said...

entho patti?
usually you can get it back quickly, but google needs you to remember a lot of things while filling up the form!!

harimohan said...

u bet they do saare

umeshjairam said...

Yr "ramblings" made google to return your account to you within a very short time. Good to see you back on the blog. All the best.

harimohan said...

Tks Umesh

Sadasiv Swain said...

I have a query. Why google blocked your account? You may not be knowing the whole thing but you can possibly presume the reasons. This may happen to any of us and lets learn from your experience and mistakes if any. Frankly I don't have a credit card and can't pay that 30 cents to google if it ever blocks my account.

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