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Tuesday, June 07, 2011

Bearded Baba under Dupatta

The anticorruption crusade begun by Anna Hazare seems to have been taken for a ride !

Suddenly a bare bodied bearded Baba Ramdev was hoisted on to the centre stage ( they say by The RSS/VHP/ BJP combine ) .

The Baba was crying against corruption with all the fervour he could muster out of his yogic stamina with occasional spurts of push ups on the stage and stomach churning muscular exhibitons watched by an adorning crowd in a massive pandal in the Ramlila grounds New Delhi

Remember the Government had given the needed permission for the tamasha .

Standing with him were turbanned sikhs( who handed him symbolic swords )and prayer capped bearded mullahs to show off his communal harmonoius coexistense

Sadhvis and sanyasis too were in the forefront

All well stage managed but a bit too dramatic when one compared all this show to the relatively sober and silent hunger strike by Anna Hazare and his band of brave .

The Baba was feted and feasted by the very congress that later in the day drove him and his followers to tears literally by letting loose tear gas shells into the pandal

The ministers including the mighty amongst them ,Pranab mukerjee jee the Bengali Babu who speaks English with a Calcuttan lisp drove along to meet the Baba as he alighted nimbly on his yogic toes from his own swanky jet !

The Baba is ,or is he the right man to speak of corruption ? !!!!

A millionare by many folds he is said to even own an island off Scotland and he keeps saying he wants all black money to come back to India !

Maybe he should make a good start .

I never knew yoga could do so much and to think of the five decades of my life wasted without even knowing it ! sad

And then the Baba fasted while the Government feted

initially the Government gave him promises and later the backfooted and turned on him

At midnight the Government acted tough

( congress party got back to its famed Emergency Mode after a long gap

Madam Sonia would be happy to realise it was not a big deal to get back to that mode ) and started to go after the Baba and his supporters with a venom .

The Baba did an yogic trick at first by disappearing and then reappearing as a churidar clad women !

no no not cross dressing .............all for corruption you see

He was just trying to put wool on the cops eyes which he did suceed for some time ultimately he succumbed as they discovered a bearded baba under the dupatta !

And they promptly packed him off to his ashram in Haryana to lick his wounds in yogic comfort .

and so ended the thandava of the baba for the time being

The only sad detail in this drama is the dampening of the real fighters of corruption .......Anna Hazare and his team

Be it the BJP or the congress or the communists the politicians want just a diversion from the dangerous Lok Pal bill which to them was fast becoming a reality and had to be blocked in time before it terrorises thier livelihood .

what better way than use Yoga for it and the Baba was a convinient maverick suited to the T for the purpose

Sad for India

Somehow the politician seems to always win in the end !

The only glad news these days is of M.A.Raja ,Kannimozhi ,Suresh Kalmadi and the merry gang of corruption inc ,cooling thier heels in Tihar jail with Maran waiting to join them in any moment

and the second one is that one more politician almost got hit by a shoe in a press conference .....wish it was not an almost



umeshjairam said...

This blog is totally one-sided Hari. I do agree that Baba Ramdev "might be holding assests worth crores". But the question is. Yes the question is.... Yes the question is very clear.... A corrupt person is not going to prick his own boil. We should see the purpose and not the person behind it. Just go thru the demands raised by Baba Ramdev. A true Indian will not disagree to what he has said. We are totally fed up the such corrupt practices that something positive should come out from the government.

harimohan said...

agree with u umesh but unfortunately corruption bogey is also being hijacked by political parties and vested intrests out to put a spanner in it
have an uncanny instinct Baba Ramdev is being used by some
mebbe iam wrong

Nebu said...

I fully support you Hari. What you said about Anna Hazare and his team is correct they got bogged down in the whole show. They didn't know whether to support the maverick yogi or not.
Baba Ramdev made the whole fight against corruption literally into a circus.

Raju said...

sent 3-4 times my comment on your blog bearded baba under dupatta; but somehow it didn't get published :))

a loosely written script based on the writer's prejudice on baba ramdev; of course he has the freedom and may have reasons to call ramdev a fake; not so long ago the same writer has glorified the greatness of sai baba on his blog; but the majority in our country still believe that sai baba was not original citing the elementary magic tricks he used to adopt in order to produce vibhuti and gold chains for the devotees; however nobody ever questioned sai baba's commitments to social causes and the charity programs he was spearheading! criticisms should be constructive and based on facts, not on one's illusion; it's not at all a pleasant experience to read write ups on spiritual and social figures inked in sarcastic tone until they are exposed beyond doubt as fraudulent figures!!

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