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Friday, February 18, 2011

The Loongi Collections

Lungi is a piece of garment worn around the waist by south Indians mostly Malyalees ,Bangladeshis and also Sri Lankans and some Malays wear Lungi but it is synonymous with Mallu attire

Taking off on this we did a Lungi fashion show in our Indian Medical Association cultural night recently in Kochin

this was created and choreographed by our president Dr Sushil Daniel some of us doctors modelled in the Lungi collection groomed by Christian D Flungi our vetran in house designer

here goes .....

Pala appachachan collection : Palai is a small south Kerala town dotted with rubber plantations owned by rich nazranis ( christian planters who historically claim to hail from Nazareth )

Appachan means pappa or father and the planters genrally have this tag to thier name for example verghese appachan can be vakkachan !thomas appachan can be thomachan
these fellows are genrally know for thier merrymaking scotch guzzling wears spotless white mundus a form of lungis with pearly white vests thick gold chains and spectacles and look classy
our Palai appachan was Dr Sreedhar Kumar

Macho collection : in every place one finds men who love thier bodies and develop them with tender care ,mostly when not at work one can find them in the local Gym straining thier sinews to breaking point or gazing lovingly at thier reflections while softly feeling thier bulges oh no I meant muscles

our IMA Macho Dr Prasan was obviously the right choice for the Macho collection .

The Rajni collection :Rajnikanth the superstar of Tollywood is another name for style and charisma the man even walks in his own style and the internet is full of Rajnidoms these days so what if he is really a balding down to earth guynext door in real life everyone loves him

the Rajni collection was done by yours truly

Mohanlal collection : Mohanlal the podgy superstar of Malluland has oodles of talent his tower of pisa stance jumping gait and trademark grin makes him the dahling of mallus all over
Dr Sajith made a wonderful choice for the Mohanlal collection

NRI collection :NRIs are as famous as coconuts in Kerala for these are two sure sources of income for malluland and the NRI often goes around flashing his wealth to all and sundry
( iam talking of the typical kind gulp returned ) our NRI was Dr Ajay Kumar whose half mast lungi tennis jogging shoes and gesticulations for a wild evening from a beringed finger caused great guffaws with the song Ooty pattanam in the background

Goonda collection : Kochin Haneefa is dead and gone but one can never forget his special act of the local dada with a wide belt holding his lungi from doom and a rusted knife to flash around this goonda collection was by Mr Kamath who brought him live .

The Thilakam style :Thilakam is one popular malaylam movie where Dileep enacts a slightly crazy young man who is fond of pulling lungis from unsuspecting men publicly our Dr Pradeep did a thilakam in style as he pulled the vest off machoman who ran for cover

Thank God he remembered to wear something below that day

kottodi collection : was the last ,the local drunk with his bottle of toddy beedi stump and foul mouth

Dr Tommy could do this better than anyone as he came like he was sozzled to his gills feebly trying to light a beedi in vain

and finally the ramp was dazzled by D flungi himself

Mr Thomas our engineer colleague who gave his large warm self to troop all the lungis into a grand finale dance in the ramp

thus ended the lungi collection

All of us really had a ball !


anas_conversationkiller said...

LMAO.............kewl kewl........adipoli style.....sakka hot magaaa...........:)))

Anonymous said...

Hi hari: very nice and imaginative Dr. Comedy Star !!!


Nebu said...

Hari, Nazarani means those who follow the Nazarine and not those who hail from Nazareth.

The lungi ramp show was a great idea and you pulled off the Rajanikanth in superb style

Maddy said...

zimpli great - wish i was around to see it - would have been hilarious!!

harimohan said...

tks anas ,prabetta and maddy
nebu sorry for that and tks for letting me know the fact

harimohan said...

"Adipoli harimama...u r Rajini style is awesome..."


Dr.Thomas Antony said...

Great and novel idea!

Anonymous said...

: "oh yeah our rajni rocks :))"


Beena Narayanan said...

Reminds one of the famous ad "Lungi uduthu vaa....Kitex lungi uduthu vaaa !!! " :)

harimohan said...

ya beena i rememember that well

umeshjairam said...

Hi hari,

Where were you. Good to know about Dhothi/Lungi in your blog.

I was in Thai recently and all the five (including myself) were in Kasavu Dhothi and shirt when the BD party was organised in the Princess Cruise. Shall send you the photo in your email.

harimohan said...

thats great umesh
rmemebr during my thai outing with premilas classmates one dr wore spotless white dhoti and jubba real national spirit indeed and once in sharjah there was this mallu guy in half mast mundu driving a bike !

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