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Sunday, January 16, 2011

Fat Chances

Stefan Hanna, a Centre Party councillor from the town of Uppsala,Sweden demands a 'fat tax' in his blog, upsetting both the public and his party .
He argued overweight people place higher demands on public than those who stay trim and should thus pay a greater share of the costs,
Swedish newspaper The Local reported. "If it costs more to live unhealthily the collective society doesn't say no! The society says do as you want, but if you elect to live unwisely then you have to pay extra so that we can fund any additional costs that you will cost society, if you get older,"
However, his readers weren't amused.

Call it the Calorie tax or the Fat Tax whatever you will .

Yours truly being firmly classified under the Fat people if not overtly obese ( people who dont focus on my middle bulges even dare to call me reasonably trim ! )
I too was not amused of this .

One knows todays beautiful people need to have that skinny hungry gawky look to make it into page three
Thier schedules are full of sweating out thier hard earned calories in the gym or dancing to aerobics and looking at the other side at the sight of good food ,it sure doesnt come easy .

Fat people have all the fun in the world ,to them eating is a passion they indulge in but it shows up in the wrong places !
why should fat people pay for thier lard ?
Arent they paying by consuming more and buying goods for that,
Imagine what happens when only the models in fashion show populate this whole world
All the chefs would have to retire ,all the gol poppas ,bhelpuri stalls ,tikka chiken haunts and shawarma shelters would close with a bang,what would happen to those juicy kababs of Karims not to mention the ghee dosas of MTR Bengaluru and those lovely dripping evil rasogollas of amchi kolkata
all juicy steaks rare or well made would go uneaten and what pray would Macdonald do with his burgers
The models would throw it away with disgust and turn to thier dry salads

The world wouldnt be a very intresting place to be in .
Food after all brings humour with it ,no not the looking at fat people type of humour
According to my observation plumpier men and women definitely have more fun in them than the scrawnier ones ,hunger drives most of fun elements .
So why tax fat poeple they may be heavy but they lighten the surroundings for this they should be provided with a tax concession .
Our Swedish minister also goes on to say that those who defraud the state fat or thin should be made to wear hyena suits and made to stand outside shopping malls ,
wow I like that bit

Imagine our suresh Kalmadi of the commonwealth games fame ,
our A Raja of the 2 G scam and our former Maharasthra state Chief minister of the Adarsh scam dressed as the three monkeys and standing outside a Delhi mall
Nice feel right ?
Or even imagine a day comes when our descison makers plan to make Kasab earn his living with washing the jail toilets for 20 hours of the day till he gets sentenced which could be his lifetime
well here is someone who should be taxed for all his biriyanis


umeshjairam said...

What about Sumo Wrestlers, Indian Wrestlers, the dictionary(where the word FAT has to be trimmed away). And And And there are some thin people who are on diet during parties and eats junk food from the refrigerator (nocturnal eaters) and show avarice (for food). If somebody seriously tells you that you are FAT, hell with them... Enjoy your food.

with luv

Nebu said...

I would suggest that Bras too should be taxed according to their size !

Size 42 - 44 = Burden Tax
Size 38 - 40 = Wealth Tax
Size 34 - 36 = Entertainment Tax
Size 30 - 32 = Excitement Tax
Size 22 - 28 = Development Tax
Size less than 22 = Sympathy Tax.

harimohan said...

ha nebu

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