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Sunday, May 02, 2010

movie movie

This holiday I managed to see six films
three malayalam ,two hindi and one Tamil

VERDICT :two of the three mallu flicks was o.k the third one a dismal bore
only tamil flick I saw was xlnt
both hindi films were dud s

PAPPI APPACHAN : one would imagine with the likes of Dileep ,Innocent and Kavya and thier talents any film would be a winner but this kind of thinking is wrong ,
this poor try of a Meesamadhavan comeback was a dismal failure and a pain for the posterior .
PATASHALA : once again another movie that brings out hte truth having good actors and spending good money does not make good films !
with Shahid kapoor and Nana patekar wasted this movie was I think trying to tell on the commercialistation of present education
a lot of disjointed scenes with no sense alternatively laughing and sob dancing children with wicked school managers and a passive principal movie ended with none of us knowing what had happened

PAYYA : Karthi brother of Surya and son of ester actor Sivakumar exels himself in this tamil film
a delight to watch ( a masala film actually ) with lot of dishums ,but the actor lent authenticity to even some absurd stunts by his intensity ,
romance too did its magic it was wholesome entertainment ( watch out this guy he could make it )


Ram Gopal Varma and his horror flick started off well with excellent camerawork sound effects and music ,silence is well used in several situations and the bungalow set in Alibag with empty beaches and dense forests added to the mystery but it stopped with this ,with no story,poor editing ,and incompetent direction the movie descended to a tragicomedy and an orgy of murders ,

black magic withces empty swings and everything else in a cauldron

sad to think crores of rupees are spent on such hindi movies !

one of the best movie I saw recently ,
story is nothing new father kills daugters rapists and seeks legal solace Mohanlal the sauve attorney uses his gray cells and squashes all criminal proceedings against Suresh gopi ,both have done a great job specially S. Gopi has done a very restrained job though bringing out the pain in the character effectively

IN GHOST HOUSE INN : contrary to phoonk II this had shoddy music and no great photography, horror comedy was the genre but the final outcome was much better with an unsuspecting climax reasonobaly good comedy specially from Jagadeesh the dentist

cant compare with phoonk II


Nebu said...

Hari, During college days I used to watch every Malayalam movie that was released. Then a time came when it was selective, then only those which were recommended. Now a days only if it is recommended by at least two friends. Such is the sorry state of Mollywood. It looks like there is no escape from it in the near future. Because of the boring fare dished out even good movies are given the go by unwilling to take a chance. Forget the super stars. The producers and script writers need to be more imaginative and daring. They should find out stories which are there dime a dozen from the current circumstances instead of the old formulas.

Anonymous said...

If you see Tamil films Angadi theru etc you will never go to Malayalam movies

umesh jairam said...

So half of your time spent in theatres. You have forgotten abt the meeting.... Hah! Hah!

So which malu movie you are recommending, so that I can take by son during his vacations(started this week)

harimohan said...

hi umesh
in ghost house inn is good for him

Maddy said...

did u see vinaithandi varuvaya - great movie that one...

harimohan said...

no maddy but feedback isnt good xlnt music though by AR Rehman

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