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Thursday, March 25, 2010

Kuranginde kayille poomala

Legend tells us Kerala is a land made from the sea by Parasurama ,

Gods own country has lived up to its name in its natural beauty ,its flowing rivers ,rising hills ,green canopy ,and soothing winds .

but no more

today it has in many parts dry cracked land ,muddy rivers ,dry wells ,temperatures touching

40 C in march ! and sun burnt posteriors of its subjects

Kerala is turning dry ( of course not dry of liqour it consumes the most in India ) it is dry of water ,electricity and most of all of vision !!

the musical chair played by the two parties which have been ruling the state forever and its principal players have contributed thier mite to this state of affairs .

utter poverty of planning and vision for the future ,shortsighted myopic self centred policies ,militant labour and investment unfriendly attitudes ,arrogance and cynicism and most of all blatant corruption are the hallmarks of the powers ruling this poor state .

The income from across the shores and from tourists could dwindle in future and the state would collapse by the weight of its inadequacies and lack of infrastructure .

kuranginde kayille kodutha poomala polle

like a Garland given to a monkey Kerala is almost in tatters today .

Its rivers flow mud ,its fields are cracked its hills look bald ,and its peoples skins burst into sunburns !


umesh said...

Nice one. What you highlighted is absolutely correct. The mafias (land, forest, sand, etc) also made the life of keralities miserable. For the first in the history of kerala temp crossed over 42 deg.

WELCOME to the land of "Devil's Own Country".

Nebu said...

The needless Big ‘B’ fiasco has left the LDF and more particularly the CPM with egg on its face. The UDF is unable to take advantage of the situation due to a similar incident in congress ruled Maharashtra. This goes to show that there is no real difference between the two and that one is worse than the other. The militant head load workers would have been apt as brand ambassadors for Kerala!

harimohan said...

absolutely correct umesh the title suits betr ,
nebu ur choice of brand ambassador is on the dot

anas_conversationkiller said...

beautifully narated about our kerala but i have a question wht are we supposed to do about this problm??

harimohan said...

wish I knew the answer for thtat question Anas
at personal level we can contribute positively individually with our skills but at policy making level the strangehold of our political system puts one in a straightjacket of controls
we can only hope the future brings better rulers

anas_conversationkiller said...

hmmm......but dr whn we try to change the system, system change use n nuthng is gona change..........:(

harimohan said...

true anas bleak indeed

Maddy said...

don't worry man - come monsoon all will be green oil price rise - the inflows of dinars & dirhams and riyals will far as politics go, if not one the other..what you see is the definition of politics..

raj said...

Highly fabricated and lopsided post by dr.harimohan; he does sound as though the LDF and the Congress have to share the burden for the unprecedented rise of mercury in the state! it has been a universal phenomena due to global warming, the winter is getting bitter for the people of the other hemispheres also, so its unfair to single out a particular segment of the world to lash out with cliché dialogues like 'utter poverty of planning and vision for the future, shortsighted myopic self centred policies, militant labour and investment unfriendly attitudes, arrogance and cynicism and most of all blatant corruption!'

I was in kerala during Feb-March; the market is really flourishing and everybody is doing brisk business especially the air-condition and automobile sector; even the LOWER MIDDLE CLASS is turning to split air conditioners and saloon cars these days; the unemployment and poverty in kerala have been a thing of the past; today everybody is engaged in some sort of financial affairs and no one is sitting home idle, even the women as the panchayaths in the state have been sponsoring so many viable programmes (the gramashree, kudumbashree etc.) to empower the women folks socially and to let them come to the mainstream of the society and to contribute to the family and national exchequer ultimately!

I totally disagree with dr.hari as he said that once the income from across the shores will dwindle the future of the state would collapse; nothing is going to happen, instead it will be the state kerala which is going to feed people like us who are sure to have their swan song in the desert countries very soon (such is the economic situation in the gulf, notably in the uae) as even the unskilled workers in kerala are getting a far good wage than the average malayali in the gulf!

Sorry to say the post 'kurangante kayyile poomala' is highly a prejudiced one based on some past data and myths on kerala and mallus which is told umpteenth time over here, otherwise it has no resemblance with the ground realities in the state today!!

harimohan said...

tks Raju those are my views these yours

Dr. K. Kishore Kumar said...

Something for the Roads:
Gandhiji said many things for us to preach and not practise. But these two were very important.1. Quit India 2. Boycott Foreign goods. As usual we ignored them also.

In the 40s, those alive thought that these were meant for the Brits. Intelligent as they are, they quit at the earliest forsaking the excellent liquors available in India. They started anew in England and promoted Scotch.

After sixty long years we are having second thoughts on what Gandhiji meant and realize the great visionary saint had only us in mind. He actually requested us to quit India and boycott our products.

100 years ago, the great Swami Vivekananda considered Keralites mad and wondered whether Kerala is a lunatic asylum. He was not a politician and was talking plain truth. However, it were Keralites who took Gandhiji seriously.

Millions of Keralites left India and flourish elsewhere. Brunei may be an exception. But seeing the present condition of Keralites from heaven, Gandhiji is happy and equally unhappy. Happy because they heed to his first advice and unhappy because they ignore his second advice.Their consumption of 'Foreign' liquor is without parallel.

Keralites should boycott Foreign Liquor and start their own distilleries as cottage industries. The profit margin is 1:300! They can also drink hooch you are sure about. The additional investment is hardly Rs. 75. Rest of the machinery is already within every household.

By taking this bold step, we can stop Kerala Governments - Left and Right - from openly insulting us. No other Government on earth would be proud of the liquor consumption by their citizens nor will periodically publish the progress in liquor trade. They give liquor with an advice that the thing offered to tax payers is "Injurious to health"!
Won't this warrant a Public Interest Litigation (PIL) against our Hon'ble Government?
Temples already have 'Ponkala' a fashion now. They can think of starting 'Vattala' (Mass distillation on road sides) and keep the males happy and healthy.


harimohan said...

tks raju and kishore
had a good laugh

ARUNA said...

Nice info about kerala!

Nebu said...

A union leader who was a former employee with the accountant general’s office Trivandrum and who was dismissed from service for gross indiscipline was appointed as member of the Kerala Public Service Commission recently. What message does this appointment send? That indiscipline will be rewarded provided you belong to one of the powerful unions. Irresponsible decisions like this will only perpetuate disruptive behavior for which Keralites in Kerala are already infamous for.

Ps. These guys become lambs once outside Kerala. What these people need is a kick in the a....

harimohan said...

sharing ur sentiments dear nebu

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