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Saturday, March 14, 2009

Aniyettan the Artiste

Aniyettan is how I call him though that sounds suspiciously like a malayalam film title !
I do so because he is the younger brother of my brother in law but elder to me by age !!
Having established the credentials let me tell you about Krishnan Unni fondly called as Mashh
( for master ) in and around Adakaputhur near Cherplassery ,palghat district .
Having lived for a long time in Delhi and later Mumbai he has settled down in the green environs and the home of Nallukettus ,Cherplassery district .
As you can obviously see Aniyettan is a painter and these are some of his wonderful creations ,
he had formally studied in Madras school of arts .
His creative pursuits extend to dance ,choreography ,music .temple arts and photography .
He is the local dance mashh briliiantly creating dance ballets and in great demand .
Above all he is a gentle ,cheerful ,handsome artiste with a great sense of humour .
Marketing is obviously not in his bag of talents for he isnt known beyond the niche he lives ,
marketing and talent always deems big sucess ,
of course this keeps escaping Aniyettan though he richly deserves it .
but he hardly misses it .......
The painting in the end is his mother Nessiaramma who is no more .


Vimala said...

Never knew he draws so well. Real good paintings.

shiva said...

A real gift and nurtured by the prosaic and an embodiment of a flow from the mind and the ultimate tribute to the mother what can be greater...

Feeling ,warm from the heart to the painter and the cherpalassery village which nurtured the feel.

anas_conversationkiller said...

hi doctor......aniettan superb.....will meet him sum day....realy blessd person.....

Ujwal Unni said...

Harimama, nice to see the post on chittappa (anniyettan). Undeniably talented..................

Maddy said...

looks like he is doing a great job..maybe he should set up a website & market his work. That is the easiest way and be behind the scenes.

kochuthresiamma p .j said...

wow! great pictures. surprised tho he's comfortable back in kerala after being awsay for so long.

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