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Sunday, December 28, 2008

20/20 and Ghajini : review

Malayalam movies post Prem nazir and Madhu era were of two types ,the arty ones which picked up awards in film festivals

(Adoor Gopalakrishnan type )but poor returns in theatres ,there were certain exeptional movies made in this genre but some were pains in the P ,

the other type were commercial hits with popular stories made very well with good actors and great directors like Padmarajan ,Siby malayil ,Lohitadas and Bharatan ,
This period also produced soft porn flicks of Shakeela and Reshma fame ,all this ended with the sex flicks dying a natural death ,but the good movies also ended .
The present creations are poor imitations of tamil and hindi masala ,the ageing superstars resuscitated in thier familiar roles filled with item dances anathema to malayalam film grammar .

AMMA the movie artistes forum created a multistarrer recently called Twenty Twenty which had almost everyone known in the industry ,
Although Mohanlal ,Mamooty ,Dileep and Suresh Gopi did thier roles responsibly it the poor story line and pitiful direction by Joshi made it a mess .

Benny ignatius lacklustre music contributed to its failure to a large extent .
Though the intial half was a bit intresting the movie literally died after that ,meandering into confusion and chaos breathing its last in the cimax ,
I for one sighed with relief when it did .

what a great oppurtunity AMMA lost with such talented stars and artistes in its fold ?
it should have made a film true to its roots instead of this facade ,

( it might have made its millions of course )

Hindi movies strangely have got out of the strightjacket of commercialism to a certain extent with the advent of multiplexes and consequent increase in a refined audience .

Ghajini the recent Aamir remake of a tamil film of same name is a fine example of this .
Directed by the director of the original ,A.R Murugadoss ,with music by the incomparable genius A.R.Rahman ( my favourite )..listen .

The movie has Asin as heroine who has shown that south actresses will continue to excel in the norht by her intelligent acting ,she was a delight to watch though seen only in half the movie .

Aamir as Sanjay Singhania the tycoon who turns into a closely shaven one man revenge machine burdened by a fifteen minute memory ,his eight pack body and superb acting skills make the film ,the stunts and choreography are made with professionalism and is a delight to watch .

Though many who have seen the tamil original with Surya feel it was better originals are always a class apart but among remakes Ghajini is a well made one .

So Please dont miss ghajini and please do miss Twenty Twenty !


anas_conversationkiller said...

well said doctor....ghajini is worth watchng as its remade by the perfectionist of the indian cinema Aamir khan himself. So nobdy shd miss it.

Anonymous said...

Exactly correct. Twenty twenty is a real waste. I also lost 45 doller since my wife wanted to see 20/20 in theater. I do not know how our script writers are become so dry


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Maddy said...

saw 20-20 - well it was so so. have not seen the Hindi ghajni as i have seen the tamil one and enjoyed surya's acting!!

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