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Monday, June 23, 2008

Return to Home

Ones own becomes more desirous when one is away from it ,so is Kochi to me these days .The Gulf for the malayalee is never far away and is almost like a neighbourhood ,in three hours one could be back to good old Gods own country .
In thr Gulp too one would almost trip on a mallu ,they existed in abundance .
From grocery shops ,hair cutting saloons ,shopping complexes ,to computer savvy IT professionals the mallu spreads his vocation .
The difference is he turns into a busy bee once he leaves Keralas pristine shores ,no time for him to ruminate on hartals ,neither for croaking zindabads or walking behind his hallowed leaders ,he has a purpose here to make his quarter and do his job ,he does it well and has his fun .
How does this same man or woman change coulor with the whiff of malluland ,what is there in its atmosphere that tempt him to laziness ? these are questions on which phd papers could well be written on .
Questions which have foxed historians over time
The very same mallu who spits out his betel stain on the walls of the KSRTC bus stand or throws his plastic bagged rubbish on the roadside wouldn’t dare to do this in foreign shores ,the very mallu who would meticulously clip his seat belt when he switches the ignition may do nothing of the kind here .
The reason is the no nonsense approach to law and order in those countries .
Follow the rules and live peacefully is the dictum and one gets used to it and even enjoys it after some time
The penchant for mallus to unite to form unions is an inborn one and sadly is the cause for Keralas dismal present ,
where else can you find workers getting nokku coolie
That is you get paid for seeing ( nokka ) the work done by others because the union demands so
Where else can you find attimari terrorists who quote their price for unloading and loading like Caribbean pirates ?
The laws ban this but the practice continues unabated and none dare to question
Another banned item is the bandh ,by juggling its name to hartal and hijacking Gandhijis term for its unworthy causes the present parties use it as their best weapon ,one could declare hartal for anything ,maybe even if the chief minister sneezed hard or the opposition leader farted bad.
Declaration of hartal is welcomed by everyone ,a paid holiday for many, it is a day of lethargy and living it up
And the mallu continues his hartals
Another thing one misses when not in kerala is its rubbish ,I mean of the kind strewn on the roadside ,Kochi is known for the accumulation of this to break records in quantity and duration when it lies in pungent purefaction
Also one misses the roads and non existent pavements
With metro becoming a fading hope the city of kochi is choked with traffic as shortsighted planners play Neros fiddle
But with all this it is nostalgia to be back into the confusion
It is great to be with ones people and friends After all nothing like home what ?


Maddy said...

home sweet home - good or bad, clean or dirty...

Anonymous said...

what is the meaning of pranav?send 2

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