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Wednesday, January 02, 2008

Taare Zameen Paar ( Stars on Earth )

Movie making is a business ,all the more in Bollywood ,producers expect thier invested money to multiply or at the minimum to get it back ,so one is pleasantly surprised when rare movies come out not bothering about costeffectiveness but more intrested in conveying a message .

Taare Zameen Paar conveys a message and HOW !

The world of Dyslexics or those affected with learning disability is one lost in the quagmire of msinformation ,sad because correct information could make all the difference here .

All the writing or documentaries on such subjects cannot equal a commercial movie by a saleable star in disseminating such information .

Hats off to Aamir for working on such a theme thus introducing a ray of light to the many affected by the disorder .The movie has been rightly given tax free status and now it should be made compulsory viewing in all schools too .

Ishaan Nandkishore Awasthi is a dreamy loveble imp of a boy who is lost in his world of colours ,animals and fishes ,he gets into trouble because unlike other children he finds difficulty in reading ,writng and simple math and as like any other dylectic his comprehensive capabilities are lost by a missing link in his neurological development but at the same time he is intelligent and an excellent painter .
The teachers who fail to recognise his problem are irked by his poor perfomance while his parents pressure him to do better .
His father Nandhkishore Awasthi wants his two sons to be high achievers but sadly finds his younger son failing unlike his supersmart elder son Yohaan ,so he frets and fumes at the poor boy to improve .
Ishaant loves his father and wishes he wasnt so strict and that he would take him to places like the aquarium where he would have loved to gaze at the fishes for hours ,but Nandkishore is the epitome of a rigid man .

Ishaants mother Maya awasthi is helpless in front of the father ,she loves her son dearly but is confused at his poor perfomance .
Yohaan is very supportive of his brother and once even writs a false absence note on Ishants request and things turn awry when it comes to light and Nandkishore blows his top and finally decides to put Ishaant in a strict boarding school as he feels the boy needs such a place to become better .
The boarding school and its environs draws the poor boy into a shell .

Darsheel Saffery who acted the role has lived it in these scenes when your heart goes out to the poor boy bullied by his classmates ,threatened by his angry teachers and sadly deserted by his parents ,
A song here rightly portrays the pathos with the child crying that even his mother whom he had always believed had left him to this fate too and he has nowwhere to turn .
It is then that Aamir Khan comes as the lively drawing teacher Ram Shankar nikumb and quicly grasps that the withdrawn boy is suffering from dyslexia which has never been discovered by anyone ,he wins the boy over in a very clever way introducing the class to a list of celebrity dylexics who had become great achievers like Newton ,Edison ,AbishekBachan ,Walt disney ,etc .

To Ishaant he tells later that one more name could be included in the list and and that is the one of himself .
Aamir also goes to Ishaants house and tells his parents his problem ,the father naturally fails to accept and goes to denial getting furious with Aamir for suggesting that his son had a problem which he calls retarded ( this just shows the amount of knowledge even educated people in the country have about such disorders and its consequent problems )

Aamir approaches the principal and requests him that he would personally train Ishaant and the school should give him some more time to cope up with the others ,which is agreed upon .

He then uses special teaching techniques mingled with lot of fun and slowly Ishaant flowers open .
Aamir himself a good painter recognises Ishaants talent for painting and organises a gala painting competion for the whole school for staff and students and Ishaant goes out to be the winner and his painting appears in the cover of the school magazine .
By the time the year ends Ishaant is much improved and had become popular ,his father by now realises his mistakes after a stinging repartee from Aamir ,they go home for the holidays as a happy family .
Though directed and produced by Aaamir the concept and scriptwriting came from Amole gupta who had worked with disabled children .
Hats off to them for producing such a fine movie
please dont miss this ............ ( for info on dyslexia )


Sadasiv Swain said...

Your review encourages me to see the movie.

shafeeq said...

Yeah!! you are right! Everyone should watch this movie!!!

Maddy said...

yup - we saw it too - just the two of us in a vast theatre for 300 was cold, but the movie warmed our hearts!!

Ujwal Unni said...

good review..i cant wait to see the movie after reading your review!!

harimohan said...

wow great maddy ,good for u ujju
do see it

harimohan said...

wow great maddy ,good for u ujju
do see it

Dr.Thomas Antony said...

Your write-up should have gone to the print-media, where I think the readership is more.
This has prompted me to see the movie, especially since, I will be able to follow it now. (I am very poor in Hindi, you know. But ever since I happened to witness a Gazal treat by Dr.Deepa Chopra (here in Aden)I fell in love with Gazals, and rrreallly feel like learning Hindi. (Can you suggest me any site for the same;-)?
Amir Khan too, is beyond the ordinary sparkle of a Bollywood star. He believes in his own contributions, take for example, "Lagaan". And he didn't care about doing a "glamour-less" character there.
As you have cared for and moved with lot of 'challenged' sweeties, you have an edge over others to write about the movie. You could have added Dr.Prameela's comments too..


Thomas Antony
Aden, Yemen

harimohan said...

tk TA,
you have always been an encouragement
sending you a mail

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