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Saturday, October 27, 2007

a lady who modeled for me !

The title was meant to evince curiosity ,you dear reader would than ask why would any lady model for this middle aged spectacled moron ?
true nobody did but the lady I talk about is the Moon
yups ...lady moon modelled for me one dusk while I took a walk in Al Ain .
The evenings being cooler these days and with a soft breeze blowing I took a walk in the Abhu Dhabi road from my quarters near my hospital .
The highway was huge with 6 tracks on each side and with a pavement bigger than many roads in cochin ,palm trees lined the median and lawns and trees with occasional flowers adjacent to the pavement made Al ain truly the garden city of U.A.E .
There was not a soul walking in the pavement but yours truly in the company of rumbling jugernauts zipping past to the speed of sound .
The cool breeze caressed my face and the well lit road was bright and clear ,on and on I walked with no goal reminiscing on so many things ,I always feel walking is a wonderful way to recharge your batteries ,physically and mentally .
After more than a kilometre of solitary bliss I spotted a small grocery among huge villas ,I strode into it and found the ubiquitos mallu and that too from Tirur my native place and enquired him on the availability of nice flats or villas thereabouts ,after this touch with the naddu and a can of 7 up I started my return walk ,by then it was becoming dark and then as I reached the road I was stunned by a perfectly round shining moon up above those bright lights of the road ,it looked as if it hang just above some of the lights .
Wow !!!!!
God was giving me a special show indeed .
Not a soul was watching the poor moon but me as everyone was speeding in thier airconditioned coffins ,
I felt liberated and lucky to watch the moon as I walked ,
she played her tricks by hiding behind signs and trees but then would show up her resplendent self once more in glory .
I immediately remembered the words of Sri Satya Sai Baba sent to me by my friend recently ,I qoute below ....

" The world is a gigantic play designed and directed
by the LORD to instill in human the sense of awe,
reverence and wonder, so that, drawn by its beauty,
charm, and mystery human being is enabled to
visualize the source of all this beauty, all this
exhilaration and all this enticing mystery.


Have we forgotten to gaze at things in wonder and awe ?,
dont we all know children who gaze at the moon and mothers who show them the moon to make them eat ,
where is the innocence we had when we could gaze at things and enjoy them ?
most of us are too busy to look at the moon or the sun and that includes me too .

But then this walk was a rejuvenation for me where for a moment I had no other care in the world but to gaze at the lovely lass of a moon and her brilliance and wonder with awe at that which created this and us !
and all I could do then was to take pictures in my mobile to try to capture the moment for posteirty , a poor attempt I know !
but then ladies and gentlemen the moon modelled for me .....


Dinesh Nambiar said...

True Hari we have forgotten to gaze at things in wonder and awe.The maiden moon as bright as ever it could be, really has cast a spell on all of us.Thankfully it has no permanant purdah except for the passing clouds and the celestial shadows!!!

Ren P. Charles said...

Wow Doctor that was wonderful!! Things are moving so fast that it takes an effort to come of cocoon we have allowed to be build around ourselves and enjoy all those wonders nature has provided us.

Ravi said...

good we need to be with nature more the model and artist are v nice

Nanditha Prabhu said...

lOVELY post!
only if we found the time and inclination to stop and stare! yes, moms used to cajole the babies by showing them the moon up in the sky , but nowadays , its the idiot box(tv) which has taken its place! we dont realize what we are missing!

Happy Kitten said...

I thought Doctors were always busy in hospitals.. never knew they could create blogs too!

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