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Friday, May 07, 2021

Shangri La Dubai


One of the best hotels i stayed in Dubai was the Shangri la .

I still remember me driving to it and those days google maps were not available .
I had a Grasim but it wasnt updated to a changing Dubai .
Shyam was with me in my Camry and i knew it was close so i managed to exit the busy Sheik zayed road and come in a loop to reach the hotel i could see from sheik zayed road but with no entry directly .
But i was mistaken
The road just curved away from hotel and traced back to sheikh zayed road
Would i go in circles i panicked as i often did in Dubai having usually driven in more sober Al ain .
To my luck there was an empty construction sight with some lorries .
I managed to get into that and asked the Pakistani drivers how i go to the big hotel opposite side of road
One just said cross the road
Very clever
Bhaisaab we want to take our car
Oh ok
Then you go off road a bit reach junction again but instead of right go to left and there you have entry to service road which leads you to Shangri la
It worked
But all was forgotten in the luxury of Shangri la for two days .

Dining Etiquettes

In these times of many food related vlogging one disgusting habit i find in many of them is using thier hands to pluck food from common plates ,or using same spoon after literally licking it ,or gobbling gooey rice with all sort of curries unceremoniously . Smearing in cheeks or dripping from mouth .
Yuccky .
Some bloggers from Kerala are well known for diping thier licked fingers repeatedly into common bowls or plates of gravied or roasted curries fishing out pieces with hand or same spoon even showing it to camera for us to partake
What a torture .
I find many in wedding buffets too eating with abandon giving no consideration to fellow diners .
Even if in a table where there is common big plate of Biriyani as seen in gulf one can take ones portion in a plate and use fork .
I know theres no need to imitate the west and i also believe using hand is more hygenic and even helps by touch sensation but in public I would still prefer a fork specially to eat say a fried rice or biriyani because etiquette too counts
it looks more pleasing and less revolting to fellow diners .
Iam also no expert in cutting with knife and using fork with both hands at same time and eating meat with bone using fork is difficult.
I compromise with taking meat piece using hand later wiping with tissue and eating rice with fork .
Of course traditional sit in sadyas we cannot and should not and cannot use fork but I am talking of buffets .
Generally I use my hand for roti sections first .The prescribed way is to dip roti into curry not touching the curry and putting it into mouth
One is also supposed to use only finger tips not whole hand or God forbid hands !
After rotis i wipe hands well using tissues and use fork for my rice section .
I know some will call me trying to do a brown sahib but i think of how unbecoming it looks to me when someone uses his hand to plunge into rice with dark liquid gravies and puts it into his mouth repeatedly !!
At times smearing it onto cheeks too !
At home without guests you can eat food with your toes too


Athani song

 Iam talking of a song in malayalam film Athani sung by Dasettan or Yesudas and also acted by him in this song !

Movie was taken in 1973 directed by sri Vincent
Song written by famous lyricist P.Bhaskaran and music by legendary Devarajan master .
Its hero was Prem nazir and heroine Nandita bose .
This song is in a party where Dasettan sings very relaxed almost lying down whike an artist sketches a lady guest
Incidentally that painter would become malayslam films famous director Bharathan .
This movie was taken in same name in Tamil in 1978 but i couldnt find a similar song in that .
Please listen to both videos but in malayalam

Lady Rama Varma of Cochin

Lady Rama Varma of Cochin ..
Parukutty Nethiyar amma was Maharaja Rama Varmas consort (madrasil theepetta thampuran )
The Maharaja became king of Cochin by destiny as his predescor abdicated and ruled from 1914 to 1932
But the king was more intrested in snake bite cures and gawli sasthras ie language of lizards he hardly had time for his state .
Nethyar amma who had married him when she was 12 years old took over the nitty gritty of an almost bankrupt Cochin .
The British were waiting on the wings to get enough reason to take over the state then .
She not only was efficient enough to administer it wel ,she got all dues to state paid,discovered newer ways to make money for the state and in time Cochin cleared all debts and became a model state.
The British were fair enough to recognise skills and talent when they saw one.
They awarded her Kaiser i Hind which was the highest one they did in 1919 and she was popularly known as Lady Rama Varma .
The only other person who got the award was Mahatma Gandhi himself .
The state also got a 17 gun salute .
Nethyar amma belonged to a very aristocratic family in Thrissur from her mothers side and palghat from her fathers side .
Later she was active in congress party snd freedom struggle
She lived her old age partly in Ratnam palace in Thrissur or in Coonoor where she had a tea estate .


sixtieth Birthday wishes shyam

 No Today is not my Birthday

Pl dont start wishing me
Iam no longer 60
This was in september 12..2018
(for those want to wish me u see 🤣)
Just happened to see this written to me by my son for both of them on my 60 th birthday
Felt i can reshare it in FB
A letter to my father on his 60th Birthday :-
Hi Acha,
It has been 60 years in your tortuous, but satisfying journey of life. You have achieved so much professionally and personally in this time. Life has not been a piece of cake for you, but that has not deterred you : Whether it was the loss of a father at the age of 12 ; having a mentally handicapped first child( Shilpa chechi) early in your married life ; or losing her at a young age. But it was these hardships that shaped your trajectory, by working hard in school to get into a medical college , or if it was starting a school for the mentally handicapped with amma. Life has thrown at you the toughest bouncers, but you knocked it out of the park in Dhoni style everytime.
For that we will always respect you
As a parent you have provided everything that as children chechi and I can ask for. Whether it is the best education possible in the best schools, or building our overall personality with different training classes be it in dancing, singing or football. You had even managed to keep us alive in the one year amma had gone to Hyderabad for a diploma course (although that was the year I was my naughtiest ). The time you spent in Dubai and Brunei working hard, living alone in a foreign country so that we can have a good education and standard of living. These are all just examples of sacrifices you and amma have made to ensure we have a comfortable life. I can never forget those days in my childhood, when at night I used to crave for jalebis, and you used to go out on your scooter and get me hot jalebis from a far away shop that closes late. For all these unconditional sacrifices you made and continue to make for us, sacrifices we can never comprehend.
For that we will always love you.
As a person you are the wittiest and fun loving person that I know of. Be it in your uncanny ability to make any situation humorous, allowing us to keep smiling. The voracious reading that you do(or maybe used to do) , has had an effect on us intellectually, be it the monthly national geographic and readers digest magazines that you used to make us read, or the myriad of books that we had at home. Your love for Kishore Kumar and AR Rahman songs has reciprocated in my taste in music , with my friends shocked at my perfect knowledge of the lyrics of old hindi songs. The biannual trips to various tourist destinations in India will always be in my memory. All these memories you have given us, and the skills you have inculcated in us:-
For that we will always be indebted to you.
Now it is your 60th birthday, where the central government classifies you a "senior citizen". The stereotypical senior citizen sits on his reclining chair with a hot chai and a grumpy look on his face. But my father is no stereotypical person. So go on enjoy this phase of your life - travel , read, write and have a few drinks. For you have had enough of a tough life full of responsibilities . It is time now for you to sit on a reclining chair on the beaches of Goa, enjoying the sun , while we as your children try to give back at least 10% of how much you have done for us.
The only difference is that I won't be bringing hot jalebis for you, but rather a cold glass of Malibu rum , because as Ernest Hemingway once said:- " the only regret in my life was that I did not drink enough wine" . 😜😜😜
A happy birthday to you Acha. 😁
Your loving children
Shyam and Sruthi

May Day

With another 5 years of torture of kerala being ruled by the bunch of virulent hypocrites , today is the symbol of their philosophy which turned awry long back .

Come May day one goes back to the beggining of this century ,when workers learned to unite .
It was needed then as there was gross injustice to them in those feudal days .
Karl and Marx had evinced a social philosophy of equality in man and sharing wealth to live together as a hard working happy commune .
I still feel we are yet to get as fair a social theory as that since then !
But Karl and Marx in thier excitement in charting out thier fundamentals forgot to learn human psychology .
Man was never born to be eqaul .
We are different in looks ,intellect,attitudes,aptitudes,abilities,
talents,and no two of us are similar ,thats the way we are made .
So such theories are bound to fail as within time the smarter more powerful in society become its leaders and with power comes feudalism
So we are back to sqaure A.
Is that not what happened in Soviet Russia or to all the Communist nations in world ,most crumbled with thier mighty leaders epitomised in statues biting the dust under an angry populace .
China smartly turned itself into a capitalistic dictatorship a new dimension where trade is free , money making is encouraged, total but limited freedom is there and goodies are available in plenty,infrastructure is xclnt,and money can be made , for the people who are happy to leave the leadership to plot with power .
But China showed its real face in the pandemic we go through
It had always bared its fangs to control of its people or scare its neighbours .
That aint communism at all .
So what ?
it works better than democracy as long as the leader is smart .
In early days of Tibet under China there were secret freedom fighters and underground activities but now they rarely exist .
I went recently and saw a modern mini China there
People have facilities in the mountain terrain no Dalai lama could have brought in centuries .
In India too in the fifties sixties and seventies there was need for liberating workers from feudal landlords and selfish capitalist industrialists who exploited them .
Communism grew then .
Many intellectuals were attracted to it .
It almost became a fashion .
But today the worker in the farm or factory holds the baton and the poor investor is at his mercy .
Labour terrorism ,specially in kerala the only state to which communism has taken refuge to has risen in form of nokku coolie attimari and militant interparty murders .
Arrogant bias to majority community the incumbent power ruling is the last Sultan of a dead philosophy floundering
with vestiges of doddering automatons repeating failing slogans of a bygone world to clutch as a straw before drowning in the sea of unaminity staring at them .
And then came the crisis disasters and pandemic .
Riding on the horse of skills of certain sections the faltering nin pins seems to have got resuscitated for now .
The Virus got its host to maybe continue existing .
May day today tells us may be the nokku coolies will last as much as the lockdowns .
Happy May Day
But looks like malayalees will nurture their parasites for ever.
May be an image of street, tree and road

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